DRAFT Khazar SRM/LDS Soilidarity Pledge Linked Snuff Murder

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Conspiracy is predictive in the absence of information that correctly describes a crime, or in this case many of them.

The public too eagerly dismisses out of mind some of the most heinous crimes of our day on the official record the creation of which is sometimes more characteristic of a manufacturing process in which certain forensic issues manifest unavoidably telegraphing alternative crime etiology.

The samples below are linked to a white collar crime syndicate in San Bernardino county, such organization as far reaching as Washington state to the north and South Carolina to the east.

The individuals that engineered these crimes are all people of sterling  reputation, allegedly flawless character of the San Bernardino community what masquerade hides an unfathomable and seemingly incomprehensible demon culture principled on the occult pretense of Khazar invented Scottish Rite Freemasons and satellite cohort, Latter Day Saints.

This missive does not attempt to prove the existence of such an organization; that work is already done. Rather, the individuals named below are thesis formatted pointing to information that was not made public about these crimes by the press, albeit MAG telegraph did in fact convey same to the public.

Of course such nondisclosure shields the perpetrators sustaining a process through which administration periodically renditions a young woman for sacrifice, the canned official record maintaining ONA solvency with the public, the later nonetheless unaware this organization even exits.

FNCS on logo alone confirms ONA (13)= MI6 (7)+ CIA (2)+ Mossad (4), 0r 724, also 13. This is the cohort that perped Elizabeth Short and the others listed below, every one of these intelligence organizations dramatically linked to the Scottish Rite and LDS church the singular purpose of which is resourcing SKIRTS for breeding, human sacrifice and solidarity pledging.

The simple minded public still reads Lewis Carroll to children, this monster having been identified as the father of TE Lawrence via Mary Ann Nichols. That’s a complicated discussion but one of interest to Ripper sleuths who have not bought in to the current official record identifying who this was. In contravention of what Mason elite would like people to believe, the ripper was Carroll.

For the record, although MI6= FNCS 7, this logo is also identified with Orion and the Star of David as a triptych first derivative, thus:

49 6
4 and 6
4= Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka
6= Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph
46= 1
dot to dot each group+ superimpose= SOD

4 and 6 are also logo encryption in Mark Dice’s production.

15 January 1947

Official Record: mutilation, body separated at waist and placed at Leimert Park where it was subsequently discovered by a passerby.

Perpetual MAG Record: label Black Dahlia (ref Kinsington Palace) attributable to formation of triune intelligence cohort MI6, CIA and Mossad; upper torso laid out on square, legs a compass, identifying the victim as a Mason kill.


Official Record:

Perpetual MAG Record:

4 December 1974/12:30 PM

Official Record: Disappeared on the way home from high school. Never recovered.

Perpetual MAG Record: identified with residence of LDS Stake President, Larry Bodhaine and former resident in Riverside, California; Partridge was perped by and bred like an animal to Spencer Kimball producing Pastor Steven Anderson.

7 November 1986

Official Record: allegedly perped by abduction team James Gregory Marlow and Cynthia Coffman, Novis’ body buried while still alive in Fontana, California.

Perpetual MAG record: believed to be a snuff kill commemorating FBPO initiation of sheriff John McMahon.

25-6 February 2013

Official Record: allegedly perped by Sue Robert Seiuli and body dumped on Almond Avenue in Redlands, California a day later.

Perpetual MAG Record: snuff kill asset perped by team McMahon and ONA administrative cohort commemorating political activities at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, the Redlands LDS temple build and key SLC body placement confirming Flores as an ONA rendition/sacrifice to Scottish Rite and LDS elite.

28 October 2015

Official Record: current, blunt force trauma

Perpetual MAG Record: Geocartographically identified with Itzcoatl ‘Izzy’ Ocampo, allegedly deceased Placentia killer.

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