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Morality v METRIC

Discernment of parts in relation to the whole is the foundation of human thought, the ability to attach value to either reason. Morality is this process of determining the quality of an idea, behavior or product what impact on self … Continue reading

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American Intelligence Survey

Rate your IQ: [ ] McDonalds [ ] Planned partnehood [ ] MTV

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LaVoy Finicum

LAVOY FINICUM serves the same purpose as Francis Pusok. Pusok was engineered to masquerade John McMahon righteous to spite the fact that he, McMahon, was involved in both the Corinna Novis (retention sacrifice/1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (commemorative sacrifice/2013) Slayings. … Continue reading

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Well Regulated Militia (DRAFT)

RECOMMENDED Form unarmed units, field practice and do organization and readiness to engage based on sheriff or Governor leadership. Do not arm up unless recognized as a valid 2nd Amendment militia via charter. Some people falsely believe militia is a … Continue reading

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Foundation (DRAFT)

FOUNDATION For clarification, Foundation= radical administration competitive with the founders’ character driven constitutional republic. The easy way to understand this is Founders assembled government base on analysis and reason, Foundation it’s antithesis, chaos and irrationality, or the equivalent of the … Continue reading

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David O. McKAy/Beverly Potts Bloodline

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Recall John McMahon

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