San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos, Black Mass?

FACT San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos is upward bound in the Iron Triangle in DC.

This means Sylvia Marie Flores and other females targeted for SKIRTS rendition would have been his project supervised by Redlands LDS Temple administrator, Gray Evan Baugh or equivalent, asset resourced by sheriff John McMahon et al, and serviced by whatever street felons they recruit from Watchtower, B’nai B’rith or the Lutheran church, all of this for Ramos to prove his occult stealth to DC.

Ramos is being assisted locally by ONA (MI6/Mossad/CIA confab) similar to but predating Middle East terrorist organization, ISIS, in the practice of human trafficking for torture and solidarity pledge maintenance. ONA is populated with the same intelligence cohorts as ISIS and functions in much the same manner of domestic terrorism.

These METRIC monsters make exclusive use of SKIRTS to pledge political solidarity to fraternal organizations linked to Scottish Rite and the LDS church, these Brotherhood of the Snake satellites operating under the control of Khazar bifurcated Judaism in the US and internationally.

Henry Makow has correctly documented Zionist (Satanic) Control is on the Increase in 2016, and predators like Ramos and team ONA are the reason for this. Ramos PDOB= Redlands, 5 August 1957, and he is UCR alumni. Birth year= LDS president David O Mckay who mayor Carey Davis and sheriff John McMahon look surprisingly like him.


Different Eves would account for the differences in appearance between McMahon and Davis. Bear in mind LDS mission creep is Genesis 6:2 sentimental breeding on the inverse hermeneutic and you have the correct idea.

McKay would not have invited is victims to rape ceremonies but rather he would have had them stalked and kidnapped, he perping rape, torture and black mass sacrifice of the kidnap victim upon the delivery of her fetus. This process is documented in the landscape of the Redlands LDS temple, G.B Hinckley confirming black mass in his 1999 Mountain Meadows commemorative.

Also, Ramos appears to be a caesarian birth (shape and size of head) which would suggest he may also be a black mass product the manifestation of which is the exclusive practice of proletariat LDS Melchizedek AKA LDS elite locally.

This is a more perfect explanation of what happened to Sylvia Marie Flores.

ONA is IRC networked with federal support that has penetrated San  Bernardino domestic infrastructure with agitprop propaganda the point of this to territorialize his “nest”.

Ramos is a white collar serial killer, and ONA is populating his SKIRTS projects with rendition assets examples of which are Redlands LDS temple administrator Gary Evan Baugh, Mayor Carey Davis, Sheriff John McMahon and TED Alejandre. The (black ) Sun Telegram is in on this as is the Businessman’s association.

If correct, Ramos, Davis and McMahon are a black mass cohort, the product of 60 years of LDS breeding eugenics that includes these individuals having bred victims similarly as McKay.

Ramos has a large head typical of caesarian birth. This potentially means he was black mass which would explain the resources they are investing in putting him through their fraternal system. He’s killing his way to the DC typical of the IT brotherhood.

Why important to the public is anyone is a potential rendition candidate for these METRIC psychopaths and because they target females based on birth cartographic geometry.

Federal networking means it is very difficult to get justice on these satanic animals with the exception that the National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA), the president of which is San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos, is coming under fire for corruption, which is not surprising.

This links back to Sacramento and sheriff Scott Jones involvement in the slaying of one of his own deputies, Jeff Mitchell, my having made public record of this the reason they sent Danny Oliver to our apartment to threaten me to be silent or they would have me killed.

My educated guess is Oliver was supposed to have provoked me to a deadly assault giving him the opportunity to kill me by mistake and misunderstanding, which he failed to do and is the reason he was subsequently whacked during a traffic stop. This was punishment.

Sacramento DA was in on the Mitchell slaying with sheriff Scott Jones, this highly covert activity spoiled when I documented this online which brought lackey POP detectives Oliver and Briton to our door threatening retaliation. That’s cop mafia. They killed Oliver, because he failed to follow thorough on me. Briton was his assist.

SDCSD remains entrenched here making the same effort with support from team McMahon and his dumb fuck deps. They are stupid and follow orders from a drac administrator that that doesn’t give a fuck about his own men and will sacrifice same to save himself (Pusok).

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