San Bernardion Mayor Carey Davis

esi_mayor carey unibrow davis

This afternoon, 1 January 2016, I had the once in a lifetime inattendu experience of crossing paths with a predator the equivalent of which is unmatched in Ted Bundy, Richard Allen Davis, William Suff, Jeremy Strohmeyer and Edward Joseph Duncan III.

My handicapped daughter and I were at Sport Chalet in Redlands at 4:30 PM looking for ski equipment and found ourselves standing in line behind San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis and several members of his family.

This should have been a routine activity, the mayor and his troupe being serviced by staff, those in line behind him to follow, except it didn’t go this way.

My handicapped daughter is autistic, albeit she appears normal and capable of engaging in conversation. People sometimes become offended when they talk to her and she does not respond, or she starts babbling, the latter signaling her disability.

This afternoon, my daughter was dressed in a workout outfit which caught the adolescent eye of a male in Mayor Carey’s troupe. I am guessing this individual was 15 years old. My handicapped daughter is 23.

This individual made eye contact with me, standing behind Mayor Carey, and then looked beyond me to my daughter. He was determined in this behavior which lasted about one minute, then he moved toward my daughter fawning the mayor by picking lint off his fleece jacket and flicking it.

This child moved around the mayor making remarks to him. He also intentionally bumped into him attempting to get him to turn around and look at me, to which the mayor did not respond.

This child was alerting on me. Since I am the only person in this region documenting San Bernardino administration corruption, I am guessing, based on the behavior of this child, the mayor and collaborating police have shared my picture with everyone in his ecological domain.

Davis’ partner in crime is Mike Ramos whose son stalked us 2014; this is normal if you are drac utopia San Bernardino administration or related.

Anyway, the mayor unwilling to turn around, the boy continued fawning and stated, “You gave us all unibrow,” and paused. Then, having maneuvered another foot closer and looking directly at my handicapped daughter, this deviant said, “SEXY!”

My daughter standing on my right, I responded by having her step back, me placing my arm on a magazine rack on my right to shield her from this junior pervert.

The mayor, standing there smiling like he was higher then a kite, eventually realizing the tension escalating around him, told the boy to move back to where he was before he harassed my daughter, but he didn’t do anything to correct the behavior, and there’s a reason for this. The mayor was approving of this child’s behavior allowing it to go on, my handicapped daughter one of this egregious youth’s practice victims.

I can imagine this disturbed lad taking an interest in an older female where, were there no advocate such a victim, she would easily end up like Sylvia Marie Flores. This is the type of predatory bait and ambush behavior that Bundy was notorious for, Junior having this range on the public shielded by… grandpa? Bundy was trained in Orion bowtie (Itzcoatl Ocampo) rendition to kill by his CIA uncle.

Virtually no one locally took up a vet re the Flores slaying making it all the easier for these mind fucks to get away with this snuff kill under leadership from the Mormon temple in Redlands. The public is totally asleep in one or another of it’s fantasy bubbles and unresponsive to administrative predators.

People balk at this, the official record playing Flores off as the victim of a crime of passion. In response to this I challenge anyone with Google earth to have a look at an aerial view of this temple and deny what you see is the womb.

LDS elite are notoriously focused on sadosex, and in this case their temple is not only portraying the womb, it’s a model of the black mass GB Hinckley encrypted in his 1999 Mountain Meadows commemorative speech in Utah.

Flores was placed SLC with the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs which blew the lid off Redlands ONA. Anyone can find the SLC dot to dot using a San Bernardino county map.

Was the child of this incident this level of a problem? All we know is the elite train their children on SKIRTS, that this child demonstrated a level of engagement that was beyond his age. Ted Bundy’s first victim was a 10 year old peer.

Mayor Carey Davis is alleged to be linked to the Redlands LDS temple via his affiliation with the Scottish Rite. Scottish Rite is being decloaked as a Khazar Mason organization what elite are solidarity pledged on child sacrifice. LDS elite do SKIRTS black mass. Flores was one of their local victims.

Sylvia Marie Flores was pledge maintenance asset perped by sheriff John McMahon and Redlands ONA cohort, Mayor Carey Davis and five other in this sadoperversion administration.

Mayor Junior of this missive was experienced and bold enough to attempt to engage grandpa(?), which the later ignored the former for a very good reason.

Mayor Carey knows who I am, and he knew I was standing directly behind him at Sport Chalet in tandem with this child having scoped out my handicapped daughter for God only knows what was going through his mind.

Since these monsters regard the public as a herd animal, it is very likely mayor junior was asking grandpa, “How about her?”

The mayor turning around to look directly at the person who is documenting his involvement in the Flores snuff slaying, he would have wet his pants. He also had police security with him. Birds of a feather.

This is not the first time I have crossed paths with a predator. With the exception of Richard Allen Davis, I have personally met the monsters described in the first paragraph above.

Carey Davis can not stop being who he is to save himself, and his DNA has apparently produced a bad seed. Typical of a low level Mason puppet, he will continue to do whatever he is told by his Scottish Rite/LDS masters shielded by others who are like him, his family magnifying his corruption on the public in full light of day.

I would never condemn Sports Chalet for this event, but I will never go back there realizing a mega predator that asset resources slaying of 23 year old prostitutes for entertainment and his family do business there.

The way this works is once such people have identified a potential victim they follow through to a SKIRTS rendition, Sports Chalet potentially now a stalking territory for San Bernardino’s ONA elite.

Carey’s going to end up getting prosecuted for something. God help any female that gets targeted by that little monster that accompanied him at Ski Chalet today. Totally evil.


1) 9 January 2016 Raptor DG escalating LDS collaborated pedestrian injury fraud. Reported to State, Dark City SBCSD and insurer.

2) 21 Large skinned rat in driveway near garage water spigot.

3) 23 January 2016 Threatened Whistling and Whittling knife assault by some punk freak bearing remarkable family unibrow resemblance to Satanic bloodline demon Mayor Carey Davis Potts- McKay. MAG code= 123 for January 23. Time was variable. Circling was predatory/occult magnifying/amping up opportunistic for a kill. This is routine for team ONA.

4) Surveillance misinformed relies on Stingray stalking vehicle making annoyance appearances more difficult to staff w/provocateurs. Residential surveillance intentionally informing digital ears produces site provocateurs upon arrival to destination.


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