Beverly Potts/LDS Eve Breeder

This is beyond ordinary comprehension and so convoluted it’s not surprising the public has entrenched in idiocy, people not to shield themselves via willful stupidity surely otherwise too overwhelmed with macabre to have at least a minimally normal life.

Nonetheless, like it or not, LDS elite are among the most prolific serial killers of our day, their demonic preoccupation with sex and supremacy effectively shielded by their righteous good works projects cleverly masqueraded as rank and file fellowship.

The numbers on Ramos in connection with the Beverly Potts disappearance are too close to deny the possibility that he may in fact be her son via SKIRTS sentimental breeding. David O. McKay would have produced John McMahon. Carey Davis was David O. McKay but possibly bred via another Eve.

McMahon is a ringer for Potts father, below left. Mike Ramos looks like Beverly Potts’ older sister.

If correct, LDS elite breed only only black mass but do sustained reproduction via Eve captives.

THIS is San Bernardino MORMO administration!


Potts’ disappearance to Ramos’ birth produces the LDS magic 13 (21730 days). Likewise, Pott’s disappearance to Ramos’ conception also produces 13 (7 November 1956- 5 August 1957; 1903 days). If correct, Potts was alive through McMahon’s birth 2 January  1961 (?) and may have been also through the date of either McKay’s or Berryessa’s deaths much later.

Mason elite are notorious for making themselves public so they can claim people were informed about their activities when they get caught. They’ll say things like, “You knew we took this victim and bred and killed her, because we told you we did.”

One of the ways Masons telegraph their crimes is encryption, the following letter allegedly written by the abduction perp thus represented. It’s a very difficult letter to read, because it’s only partially visible. The letter appears below and will present in a subsequent missive decrypted.

esi_potts letter

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