LDS Righteous Demon Logo Encryption

LDS believe the God of this world used to be a man on another, that he became a God here by following the laws ordinances of the world previous.

Also, this alleged accomplished soul brought his wife to this world, a woman he had married on the other world, she a goddess. LDS elite also know this story line is complete bullshit the point of which is mystification so people don’t pay attention to their kidnapping agenda.

LDS also perform soul marriage to females in this world, both child and adult, their sycophant priesthood teaches accompany men to their next life, themselves Gods of the worlds they are taught they will inhabit if worthy.

There’s a psychological disconnect in this belief system that becomes apparent when we look at the LDS God man on this planet and his apparent lack of women that were supposed to have accompanied him here from his previous life or what’s to be expected in his transition to yet his next Godly position elsewhere.

If the correct idea is monogamy in the world previous for ordinary men who soul marry many women who are supposed to follow them to this life of polygamy in this world, why the transition? They don’t explain this, albeit we do know rank and file Melchizedek in this world soul marry just about any female child or woman they take a liking to (want to fuck) in secret temple ceremonies.

Since many of these women are married in this life, does this include the husbands of these women (polyandry)? To keep the mysticism powerful, they make it up as they go along, whatever they say their privilege the inspiration of which is guided by their own conscience concurrent with the need to lie if need be to avoid accountability for their fuck ups. One lies, they all lie to protect the one, hence the pirating, racketeering and fraud Mormon elite are notorious for.

In case anyone’s missed the point, Thomas Monson had only one wife but is also known to be obsessive toward young women. What’s going on? Where are the women he soul married in his previous life that were supposed to have accompanied him to this one as the God manifest or earth? In the dyslogia of the Mormon mind, the answer is simple. Since polygamy won’t work, a contravention of LDS ordinances, take whom ever one desires stealth, hence LDS rationale for their elite’s notorious SKIRTS sentimental black mass breeding campaign which they initiated in the US in 1957 via their Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain Vulcania.

In reality, LDS front a righteous good works organization masquerading their actual and true mission, which is at will sentimental breeding the same way animal husbandry breeds livestock. They are a breeder entity manufacturing satanic black mass bloodlines to replace the mainstream with a sentimental bred species competitive with Divine process.

Mormon elite literally grab whom ever they take an interest in fucking and breed this kidnapping victim to their elite bulls, case in point such SKIRTS victims as Beverly Potts, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.

LDS elite telegraph they are evil via their corporate logo which is encrypted inverse hermeneutic, the backdrop of their righteous front human trafficking for torture and the model of which is Mountain Meadows. Later Day Saints encrypts radical righteous demon (Satan), 666 (the beast) and 32 (Scottish Rite Masons). The following example focuses on the righteous demon.

esi_righteous demon 666

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