San Bernardion Administration- the Model of Radical Politics

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Scottish Rite and the “Mormo” church were invented during the French Revolution, the writer and publisher of the Book of Mormon guillotined so there would be no trace of fraud after it’s introduction to post colonial America early 1800.

LDS ideology was engineered to bait an idiot mainstream to communitarian resources representing the first wave of communism to sweep through the US, the demonic purpose in the backdrop of this enterprise sentimental breeding that started with incest and gradually manifest SKIRTS black mass that today takes 3000+ Selene Eves from the US mainstream annually for breeding with LDS elite.

Thomas Monson is directly responsible for the disappearances of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner as has been previous LDS presidents involved in SKIRTS kidnappings since Brigham Young.

LDS elite are notorious for their charm offensive tactics the true and actual source of which is their satanic righteous demon, rank and file Mormons pawns used to stage a character shield for LDS sentimental breeding eugenics that for the most part they have no clue this is going on.

LDS radicalize human intelligence converting what could potentially establish itself as a permanent resistance to tyrannical leadership, people baited to non-reasoning and insouciance via sex, organization status and unfounded power over the soul, which is the inverse of Divine will.

The following passages are an attempt to explain the ungodly process through which radicalization occurs and how this is being used against society to perpetuate public capitulation favorable to the development of satanic black mass bred bloodlines LDS plan to use to replace what they believe are less evolved populations.

In the example given, an LDS president fantasized to be a Godman, takes a Selene, any age, and eventually breeds her like a herd animal producing his bloodline which starts the process of repopulating the earth with a superior race. That’s it. Rank and file Mormons effect a character shield of good works and denial which holds off  intelligent discussion about these circumstances.

If the reader has ever tried to penetrate the bone headed obsessiveness of an LDS missionary, one is aware they will not discuss views alternative to how they are scripted on the Book of Mormon, which is a part of their agenda driven eugenics mission creep. Absolutely people have no idea what is going on among the LDS elite and do in fact psychologically blindly serve this beast duped into believing this is a righteous enterprise for humanity.

LDS rank and file righteousness is a masquerade, the demon priesthood culture in the backdrop of this church from hell playing at reformulating DNA based upon highly selective breeding practices that reward leadership with reproductive sex with literally any aged female at will and without fear of ever being brought to justice the process of which is protected by Scottish Rite Freemasons networked throughout government which serves as an administrative shield to accountability.

LDS elite are racketeered preeminent in perpetuity, part of the conquest of US sovereignty, and stealthy linked to Planned Parenthood as a part of their eugenics mission creep.


1 People stuck on the two party system that is in reality bifurcated Judaism don’t understand what radical politics is, so they parrot what is actually a disinformation campaign on their own intelligence. This mis is huge!

2 When a concept radicalizes, it’s meaning inverts, yet the concept retains it’s original denotation frame bridging negative attribution to an otherwise well meaning idea and bears the righteous demon to a naive public.

3 For example, progressive means innovation, reform, libertine, ect. These are not harmful ideas: however, radicalized, this word means imposition, coerced adaptation and political fiat.

4 Progressive thus radicalized progressiv-ism, retains it’s original word  form albeit manifesting alternative ideology and masquerading noble cause the point of which is a con. The radical politician doesn’t give a damn about the public and is agenda driven to suppress intelligence.

5 Such a politician can thus manipulate an audience conning the public on some progressive or other well meaning ideology what mission creep (in the former example) is actually progressiv-ism with subsequent overwhelming damage to the rule of law and the people this serves.

6 LDS elite do radical sentimental satanic bloodline breeding in the back drop of their good works corporation faking it as religion people have a growing awareness of this as a masquerade, although they do not yet perceive how corrupt this organization actually is, take David O. McKay and Beverly Potts for example… on your own.

7 The reason they are getting away with this is their paradox demon macabre so contravenes their righteous kite, both rank and file LDS and the public at large refuse to acknowledge authentic reality when they see it. Take for example the Sylvia Marie Flores SLC keyed to the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

8 A measurement of human maturity is one’s ability to handle three tasks simultaneous. People have learned to do this primarily from the right hemisphere but not the left, perceptual or limbic regions of the brain. Reasoning in paradox is a meta whole brain thinking skill which is actually not addressed via right brain processing only.

9 Such analysis is not singularly focused on one type of behavior but rather how the individual masters whole brain tasks simultaneous, those having difficulty with such performance are correctly described as immature. The correct idea is three tasks meta, or whole brain.

10 Another way to understand this is when your neighbor comes to your door asking for a cup of sugar or a couple of eggs. Such a person typically asks a favor, exhibits some appreciation for this and moves on. A radical neighbor will raid your pantry.

11 The same is said to be true in the story about the Amorite (Canaan) and the Inn Keeper, the former absconding with the latter’s daughter after being refused a room, which is a very good example of what happened to Beverly Potts.

12 Americans are being preyed upon by radical politicians who are motivated to perform such raids on the public. You would think people would figure this out, but they can not, because they too are immature.

13 Imagine every time the public is offended politically Mayberry folks moralize the perp. This doesn’t make sense, but this is how people are coping. The circumstances are dissonant; people generally are not anticipating an invasion, and they are likewise unprepared and unable to defend.

14 Rather people themselves do an incredulity act making it appear as though they care when in reality they are simply avoiding the necessary task of chasing off a pirate. The UK is probable the most demonstrative example of this particular issue is at this time.

15 Thus understood, predatory administrations will throw the public insouciant via a radical agenda which presents within the range of some pretty ordinary looking circumstances what is reality is a con/double bind trap correctly understood as bait and ambush predation. Public? LOL Kewl OMG LMAO ANAI. This is a an idiot prey species.

16 Sheriff John McMahon looks everyday, but there’s no history on him before he arrived in Apple Valley in elementary school. The same can be said for DA Mike Ramos and Mayor Carey Davis, all three of whom bear some unusual relation to David O. McKay and Beverly Potts. Is the public alerting on this? FUCK no!

17 San Bernardino is one of those regional locations where people are tuned out and turned off to politics except for the 40 thousand or so Scottish Rite and Mormons that vote in the elections that are putting these dracs in control of local domestic infrastructure absolutely clueless of their involvement in kidnapping for torture (Corinna Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores, Gabriella Calzada, Brianna Gallegos ANAI).

18 Without recognizing the potential for such theatrical performances going dark, the public baits to a Donald Duck salvation signing off on their degradation via permitting access to any number of domestic infrastructures through which such METRIC psychopath political demons practice their Scottish Rite/LDS craft.

19 A mature person sees this coming and will alert others. An immature person can’t see through the masquerade and will take the bait. Like it or not, people are easily preyed upon not because they are fated to these circumstances but because they refuse to think to check the political predator at the door.

20 On an aside, I recently witnessed a man running down the street fleeing an assailant and flailing his arms in the air trying to get the attention of a police cruiser that drove past him and subsequently parked at the entrance of an apartment building three blocks away.  More imaginatively, I saw a madman running down the middle of the street set upon by some demon, police looking right at him completely oblivious to this man’s imperilment.

21 Speaking of demons, why is there no biographical information available on Carey Davis and John McMahon? Much as these mind fucks are probably hoping the public does not start asking questions about this, why would this be such a big secret in the first place? My guess is black mass predators don’t telegraph their personal info, for obvious reasons. Also, they are so thoroughly radicalized upon the public there is very little concern this will ever materialized an administrative threat to compete with their triptych radicalization anyway.

22 To understand this further, PROGRESSIVE we already understand radicalizes as imposition, coerced adaptation and political fiat, and serves an example of how this works on other ideology as well. CONSERVATIVE radicalizes as situational lying about traditional attitudes and values to aggrandize some personal motivation of the predator politician. LIBERAL radicalizes opportunity and equality… for the elite ANAI.

23 Radical politics throws the public conscienceless into a double bind funk which shields drac administration against a focused effort to expose their corruption. In keeping with the HRS triptych, radicalization sets up the reform process through which more of them ascend the local power structures while existing leadership moves on to federal venues, the thinking minority be damned. Felons take over, people of character systematically removed from positions of power and influence.

24 People don’t get it, and they won’t. There’s a pathology that works through denial that once psychologically active people are unable to throw this off – even when faced with their own destruction. Part of this is willfulness an example of which is people who turned in their guns after the Sandy Hook psyop and those who continue to blindly believe in gun control.

25 The right brain plays a profound role in decision making that subordinated to irrationality and disconnected from the perception of reality idealizes the denial construct and thus favoring default tendency to identify with the perpetrator as a savior (trauma bond), which is the ultimate acknowledgement of  sado perversion preeminence, both perpetrator and victim regarding one another reciprocal,  intelligence converted to service to the craft of radical politics and the drac leadership that has been created to exploit the public in this manner.

26 San Bernardino is a political Twilight Zone in these circumstances. While Inland Regional Center may have put this location on the map nationally, this also invited the attention of one of the most radical politicians of our day, another initiation that can be measured on a timeline with all sorts of SKIRTS fallout people will just as easily dismiss out of mind then as they did Corinna Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores, Gabriella Calzada and Briana Gallegos.

27 Satanic bloodlines are motivated entirely by the HRS triptych and solidarity pledging to capitulate morality in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction. Americans nationally are able to perceive this, just they have not yet made the connection to Scottish Rite/LDS malingering with sentimental eugenics breeding, and at this point it is doubted they ever will.

28 So far, minimally, Scottish Rite/LDS master magicians Joseph Albert Smith, David O. McKay, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball, Gordon B. Hinckley, Ezra Taft Benson and Thomas Monson all are linked to SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding eugenics of US female abduction victims ranging in age from 10 to 18 years of age (known).

28 As long as it’s not them getting hurt, people are not paying attention. If they could understand paradox, they would immediately also perceive  bifurcated Judaism and how this bears on the Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS church, in my opinion.

29 Fact is half the population wired sentimental do not think and are otherwise predisposed to going along with the official report regardless of who the speaker is, every one of the monsters named a perfect example of how this works, this system now being tested on men an example of which is Francis Pusok.


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