Social Media and Desktop Publishing Battle BOS Fiat

Before I get going here, the point of this missive is to attempt to preserve a child from harm, this young individual being trained in stealth criminal behavior by his parents.

LDS/Scottish Rite rendition asset, Sheriff John McMahon, is fully aware of these circumstances, his staff having issued a written statement that I should shut up and take my medication which is his way of saying Scottish Rite/LDS blood atonement will be sustained. So will my narratives.

Social media and desktop publishing are marvelous resources to battle corruption that without these it is a certainty that cockroaches like Baugh, Davis, Ramos, McMahon and Alejandre would be completely unchecked in their occult mission creep to harvest SKIRTS completely unknown to the public what they do to aggrandize BOS fiat.

Restating what has already been narrated about this self- appointed local ONA dictatorship cohort, LDS always manifest the following:

1 The Mormon Church is Scottish Rite Fraternal Organization,

2 LDS make exclusive use of a corrupt institutional priesthood METRIC, and

3 LDS Triptych issues Noble Cause rank and file, elite HRS Predation and coercive felony Eugenics.

HRS Predation

Hijack, Reform and Solidarity Pledge triptychs are asset serviced by a subordinating felon class recruited from a reject felon population from subordinating faiths.

To make this work, these fucks need the services of such underworld riff raff as people willing to annoy, harass, kidnap, snuff murder, hit and commit just about any type of mayhem imaginable on individuals targeted for punishment, retaliation or to set an example for others not to emulate them, and of course the perfect service dupes for this are Watchtower, Lutheran church and B’nai B’rith.

LDS don’t allow felons in their organization, because these individuals are experienced in the type of crimes Mormon elite perp and would immediately blow the whistle on their corruption or try to force an alliance. Certainly Accusing Thomas Monson of kidnapping for torture (Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner) qualifies as the type of information that would precipitate a blood atonement campaign and need for the services of such individuals.

Absolutely this would help to explain why the Mormon owners of our rental condominium ripped the wall paper off the hallway wall in such a manner to make the jagged peaks appear as the graph on the economic piece that accompanied the Monson missive in the same blog. Confirming solidarity with a kill being the goal, the same perverted couple issued a letter anchored on the Sylvia Marie Flores kill encrypted 13 13 on a timeline with residential raptor presentation coordinated with the property management entity likewise controlled by the LDS.

LDS elite manufacture whatever fantastic non-reality bubble they need to coerce any number of reforms favorable to theocratic mission creep which of course they deny this vehemently when confronted. The correct idea is the LDS METRIC produces a child-like state of mind which regards boundaries with hostility the inversion of which part of their game to acculturate those who oppose them to abuse.

We have been dealing with Scottish Rite raptors of every type since 1995 including a 2011 roadway rundown by two vehicles sponsored by Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones in that location and about a dozen male/female provocateur teams, including two such residential cohorts… and their children.

Using children to perpetrate domestic terrorism is not a new concept to this researcher, such recruitment to bedlam among the LDS known as Whistling and Whittling Brigade. In this example, children are taught to prey upon targeted adults who by LDS standards are deserving of their macabre induction in a live gutting for any number of offenses against the Mormon magic kingdom, and of course adult raptors with children beget the next generation of criminals thus trained.

There are two types of raptors that perpetrate on the public, bait and ambush and stealth flight. The former is perped by adults, the latter by children. Adults bait conversation, food, sex, entertainment, anything that disarms target making this person vulnerable to an ambush assault. Children are stealth flight, because they have the ability to move around less noticed by the senses, so their presentation unanticipated is difficult to perceive.

Ted Bundy was trained in stealth flight predation by his CIA uncle and took his first victim at ten. He was also a bowtie predator as an adult. The Point of making this known here is our local residential raptor is training a nine year old child in burglary, annoyance and stealth flight, Sheriff John McMahon fully aware of this and likely coordinating the development of other such trained children for an adulthood of crime.

The child we are dealing with is penetrating our patio space at night scratching and tapping on the sliding lass door guided by his gang banging step father form the patio above and darting around our moving vehicle when we are exiting the property. This little miscreant demon smacked my daughter’s truck when she was backing out of our parking space then dipped out of sight to avoid being seen.

This child is practicing stealth predation on liver targets at the will of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department with all sorts of implications for his safety. According to the property management entity, if we are reporting this we are stalking him, which is an example of the schizoaffective application of the reform triptych.

These people are leastwise among the most stupid I have ever met, the worst of it perversion that Scottish Rite/LDS covet as an asset resource for perpetuating crime at will and with absolutely no regard for the rule of law.

No one in their right mind baits a preadolescent to a stealth dual with a moving vehicle let alone look for an opportunity to burglarize an alert and armed resident , unless you are an LDS mind fuck and likewise networked with an administration that values felony induction.

@CF, you stupid fuck, you are going to get your stepson hurt or worse playing Ted Bundy’s CIA uncle in circumstances you will not walk away unfettered by the people who know you. While you may feel sentimental toward your handlers and immortal at the moment, I have seen situations like this turn for the worst on creeps like you. Google Dep Danny Oliver for an example of over confidence.

You do child exploitation typical of a middle aged perverted male with a felony background that has no sense of boundaries and very little regard for those you prey upon. A perfect sheriff asset as it were.  You are weird, but your children don’t have to be, the circumstances there your determination to attempt asset service an LDS blood atonement campaign that is making criminals of them, too, you crypto Watchtower cockroach. 

While McMahon has disposed himself apparently willing to go along with this charade, certain other people involved in this as potential victims of racketeering and fraud may not be so accommodating.

Coaching a child to interfere with a moving vehicle sets up a pedestrian injury scam which in this case McMahon is collaborating by allowing these monsters to operate unchecked to whatever end is necessary to advance a highly coordinated effort to silence my journo.

I will say this again and often, what these white collar felons don’t want talked about is LDS president Thomas Monson’s involvement in the kidnapping of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, silencing me by attrition the only way they can get away with this without being obvious.

Car insurance company is on alert as of today, here. McMahon can kiss my ass.



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