The Emerlad Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate


One of the more subtle cryptograms of the LDS dialect is the emerald stone in Aaron’s breastplate, but don’t take my word for it. In fact, the Mormons I have surveyed thus far have had no idea about this. Not surprised.

People read and believe this crap sentimental on whatever they are told is divine scripture no idea they are being conned on a literature that was written and published during the French Revolution, it’s author and publisher guillotined to avoid detection as fraud.

Not surprising, BYU has an overseas program in France and Spain, Brigham Young himself networked with both countries seeking resources to build a narrow gauge railroad between Park City and Salt Lake City that was to have involved Rodriguez Velasquez de la Gorgozada, a project that only partially materialized but was never completed, although Gorgozada Summit was named in his honor.

So, we have alleged country boy frontiersman carpenter Brigham Young traveling to Britain to meet with the King in one situation (previously discussed) and networking with France and Spain in another to build a railroad between two cities in post colonial US. What kind of stupid cannot connect the dots? Sentimental stupid. The kind of stupid that does not ask questions or vet the source for reality. Stupid like rank and file LDS.

Does that sound harsh? It’s reality. What’s particularly troubling about the emerald stone is word etiology linking this to LDS sentimental breeding via their elite Tubal Cain Vulcania, RF/LDS dumb about this as well. Fact is Kirtland to Nauvoo to Independence to Mountain Meadows is a 1700 mile dot to dot geocartographic documenting in perpetuity that Mormon elite have no tolerance for Christians, none.

Mountain Meadows was 27 years in the making. LDS elite dismissing this as a mistake and misunderstanding would be like Obama pardoning the likes of Joseph Edward Duncan III and helping him become a kindergarten teacher. Mountain Meadows set a precedence for a Christian kill /sacrifice event that likely took a couple of yet unidentified adolescent females for one of Brigham Young’s black mass harems. People don’t look for this, because stupid can never get a grip on reality.

The stone in Aaron’s breastplate is symbolic of striking the enemy, the example of which is the Christian wagon train at Mountain Meadows. The correct idea is a constellation of word meanings specific to the Tubal Cain Vulcania and a grandiose scheme to SKIRTS sentimental breed elite LDS satanic bloodlines to replace all others in this region. Those remaining that are of an indigenous nature are to be destroyed such as has been staged via GMO, Fukushima, Corexit, Fluoride, Chem-trials, abortion ANAI. Also, LDS are covertly involved in promoting abortion in the US.

A person has to be damn near retarded not to understand what is happening here.

LDS are organized in the following triptych, and they are elite are experts at bullshitting the public on straw man prevarication and their notorious righteous demon/charm offensive:

1 The Mormon Church is Scottish Rite Fraternal Organization,

2 LDS make exclusive use of an institutional priesthood METRIC, and

3 LDS Triptych issues Noble Cause rank and file, elite HRS Predation and coercive felony Eugenics.

Thomas Monson perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, my having documented this lighting up their white collar criminal network statewide, silly assed Mormon elite and their administrative SRM racketeers in full court press to attempt to cause my fatality. These schizoaffective METRIC animals are sick. They are predators. They do 3000 Eve abductions per year in the US principled on Mountain Meadows, and people are standing around watching like it was a carnival side show.

The emerald (barāqu) is significant to LDS black mass mission creep what etiology of meaning= ref to flashing= beautiful eyes (beautiful female, age indiscriminate, subjective), to cause lightening to strike= SKIRTS strikes on a targeted females. THIS is the LDS church, Mormon rank and file the elite’s stupid shield to throw off the public and keep people from routing their elite and destroying their temples.

Scottish Rite/LDS Stalk, KIdnap, Rape, Torture and Sacrifice (SKIRTS) virtually ANY female their elite take  a liking to for a fuck rationalized on the con they are serving God’s will to populate the planet with an elite bloodline.

Now WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE that they have treat this with sensitivity taking care not to offend sentimental RF LDS while their elite raid the streets?


1 Genesis 6:2
7555191 62
678 6267862

2 emerald

3 Genesis 6:2= Scottish Rite abduction protocol, inverse hermeneutic typical of reform triptych predation.

4 G/Pythagoras= code; 7 a base nine derivative additive sum representing both the 8 primary stars in the Orion constellation and encryption numbers for each of these stars the total additive sum of which is 8.

5 Freemason compass and square are the equinox and solstice, respectively, the Mormon temple an unregistered Freemason lodge networked with regional county authorities through the US.

6 LDS is an occupation insurgency staffed with a private army, assassins and various SRM administrative pirating entities, all of which it’s survival is made possible by the rank and file that shield them from accountability for their crimes, in particular kidnapping for torture which their elite currently enjoy with impunity.

7 The Redlands ONA, led by Gray Evan Baugh, perped Sylvia Marie Flores. This is what they do. They used a patsy and moved on to another victim, male Francis Pusok, for the same purpose, this victim likely the sacrificial target of a radical homosexual administrator. He survived, but he is also inexorably linked to the Redlands ONA death compass.


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