LDS Celebration of Death

esi_dead dog2

This may or may not strike a nerve. If you acknowledge the smile (censored) as questionable but can dismiss this person’s behavior out of mind as casual and non critical, certainly the thumbs up should alert the reader to other sorts of problems.

Superficially, the dead dog is meaningless unless it can in some way be linked to occult LDS ideology in such a manner that this missionary would perceive this celebratory rather than macabre. Think Tubal Cain Vulcania and you have the correct idea.

There is absolutely nothing else in the image that cues the reader to what the missionary is doing, unless you can decode the language using their Pythagoras triptych cipher, which has been done below.

The dog represents the celebration of death on signal language, thumbs up, but why? There’s a very simple answer: using their code, the dog represents a child, dead child 2, or Genesis 6:2/inverse hermeneutic human sacrifice via black mass.

8 (cumulative base nine additive sum value, Orion)

8 (count number of primary stars in the Orion constellation)

The significance of these numbers to the LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania human sacrifice (ref Mountain Meadows) is 8 representing both the cumulative base nine additive sum for the names of the primary stars of Orion and their count number. 88= base nine additive sum 7.

4514 38934

2= Genesis 6:2.

7555191 6:2
678 62

The dead child represents the believed to be soulless child born to a dead, this unfortunate and tortured person scarified moments before her birth during the LDS eugenics black mass.

A dead dog roadside is all of this to an LDS Aaronic priesthood missionary, which is why the thumbs up.

Genesis 6:2 breeds black mass and infant products for the CSDR solidarity pledge. People reject this outright, because it’s so antithetical to acculturated LDS good works social norms, which is how this is designed to work.

esi_genesis 62 fruit

One day people will wake up, but from the looks of things currently, that’s another thousand years off.


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