Decrypting the LDS Ogre, Moroni


An ogre (feminine ogress) is a being usually depicted as a large, hideous, manlike monster that eats human beings (Wikipedia).

Those who have read anything about the CSDR know the solidarity pledge addresses this being precisely. This is the demon manufactured from the 32 METRIC steps in becoming an improved person, pledging solidarity to become one of the most evil life forms on the planet masquerading righteous to a public that can not tell the difference.

The easy grip on the LDS phenomenon is to perceive Moroni’s posture on a globe that typically adorns LDS temples as a symbolic of Orion. Imagine further the globe represents a star the collective of which is the Orion constellation, such juxtaposition of Moroni’s horn set at 85 degrees relative to a 365 degree compass, base nine additive sum 13, the remaining 280 degrees, 1, hence 113, or 23.

13= equinox/solstice, also the Mason compass and square, 113 leap year, and Atramental Lodge 23, the LDS mystification and black mass sentimental breeding cohort of Persephone.

If you need to prove this stuff to yourself, try the following.

There are two proofs which make the Moroni logo identified with the Orion Constellation.

We know Moroni= M+ oroni, or Orion. Moroni is a cryptogram for M/Orion, or the Star of David+ Orion, which are the same.

The first proof decrypts M with a triptych value of 9, thus M= 4 (Pythagoras Base 9 Alphabet)= 919 (triptych encryption)= 9 (Base 9 additive sum). 9= 2 and 7, 2 Genesis 6:2, and 7, Masons.

The second proof duplicates and inverts M forming a double black diamond logo, thus:


Black diamond decrypts with a triptych value of 5, hence 2 and 3. Thus, black diamond= 23132 4914654= 833= 5 (23).

Since black diamond is featured twice in this logo, 23 and 23 can be recombined as 22 and 33, hence 4 and 6 and thus identified with Betelgeuse (1), Bellatrix (3) and Mintaka (9), or 4, and Alnitak (6), Rigel (5) and Saiph (4), or 6.


1) M (2) inverted W (6)= 26= 8= both the triptych additive sum value of the names (8) and number (8) of the primary stars of Orion, hence 88= 7 once again confirming 7, Masons,

2) M (2; also Genesis 6:2) inverted radicalizes (inverse hermeneutic) Genesis 6:2, the latter thus formulating the philosophical rational for eugenics sentimental breeding SKIRTS black mass made symbolic with the Black Madonna, or Eve black mass bloodline starter, and

3) M in the first letter of Moroni in the logo featured at the top of the page can be reconstructed to form the Star of David, which is the point of it. The Star of David= Orion.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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