The Perpetual Beast

A friend of mine brought up a question about why haven’t authorities interceded to stop some of the LDS shenanigans effecting family life, residency and sustained attrition annoyance.

People who rely on the official documentation of such prevarication miss the point that it’s the officials themselves that are perpetrating the crimes, targeted individuals to be preyed upon by design in order aggrandize METRIC preeminence in perpetuity.

When you challenge such a system, it’s bosses and the crimes they are involved in, it is wired to retaliate, literally low level administrators providing a character shield to protect their superiors on command. They are networked to follow orders, not question them, and the official record is the manner in which this is done.

Freemasons profile and recruit lots of really dumb people. These aren’t so much criminal types as they are just stupid and place value on the trinkets and status symbols and such that attract them in the first place. If you understand how a fish lure works, you have the correct idea.

From this population, they further profile predatory types they move on to subsequent levels the purpose of this to groom and populate high level leadership with people that would otherwise be diagnosed with all sorts of character issues in a mental health clinic. These are the monsters that ascend local and national IT power schemes, a prime example of which is DA Mike Ramos.

The over simplified explanation of how this works on the public is to view this dynamic as three bubbles: METRIC elite, rank and file and the public, all of which are linked via a common hydrophillic membrane. This means these bubbles are attracted to one another by water. Symbolically, water is emotional duress, hence drama is the bubble bond.

Inverse to what one might expect, the bubble on the bottom is the METRIC and the leastwise to be effected by the those attached. The public, closer to the air, are the first to go when this bubble system begins to collapse. All are anchored in the water source from which they came.

These drama bubbles attract their own, the more predatory and cunning the more influencing upon the others, albeit likewise smaller in number. Predators don’t tolerate ecological conservation except in the social dynamic that bonds them. On the other hand, the idiot culture that occupies the very large bubble does tolerate an ecological dynamic that is also vulnerable to hijack by predators.

Ideological vulnerability magnifies their numbers making them ungodly independent from one another where their predatory betters are highly focused on survival, the life of the bubble itself be damned. Predators know how to resource themselves to stay alive, victims do not, hence penetration upon the latter by the former with a predictable and reoccurring outcome: bubble genocide the drama of which builds momentum for the next generation of victims.

For the record, we are talking bubbles of sewage, not bath.

People figure if they are good, well mannered and virtuous dirt won’t touch them when the fact is the bible has documented man himself comes from the dirt. We eat food that rises up out of the dirt or has in some way been cultivated in dirt. Our nutrition comes from the dirt and the sewage laid down from eons of the stuff deposited by once living organisms. We, are dirty by our nature, hence our survival is precipitated upon eating food products manufactured from dirt, reproducing dirt to dirt and sleeping and entertaining ourselves into dirt oblivion.

Soul’s struggle with man (the beast) is his alleged desire to remove himself from this dirt and falsely believes that by acting virtuous he is making himself closer to the Divine, hence the METRIC claims to have spoken to God personally and knows exactly how to do this, people falling in behind this Peter Pan magician and going with the official record as though it were written by God himself.

What the stupid people of this planet do not understand is God= elite in the ancient world, a word brought forward and acculturated to modern society to subdue intelligence making it possible for the elite to control world populations via false doctrine/noble cause mysticism via an official record which is a lie.

Elite perpetrate. Rank and file shield. The public mystifies. So what do the elite perp that’s of such concern to them that were they not to do this would negatively in impact their lives? They have to perp in order to maintain solidarity among themselves, and the mainstream will never figure this out, hence SKIRTS projects like Sylvia Marie Flores, and worse, are the rule among the elite, local or otherwise.

As stated at the beginning of this missive, people who rely on the official documentation of such prevarication miss the point that it’s the officials themselves that are perpetrating the crimes, targeted individuals, generally those who challenge this system, preyed upon by design in order aggrandize perpetual METRIC preeminence.

Fact is METRIC prevarication is strictly territorial, does not permit the grandiose plan outlined in our constitutional republic, attacks intelligence and promotes people motivated to felon leadership to public office.

The public code is highly variable without significant attention to a common goal, LDS and related METRIC organizations highly focused and held accountable to same via fraternal brotherhoods in perpetuity, hence their elite’s solidarity pledge which  contravenes the constitution and establishes the beast as it were as the reining authority of the land.

Is it fair to refer to the Mormon church as the beast? This moniker is encrypted in their logo Latter Day Saints. Mainstream being what it is, largely stupid, will never look past the surface to figure it out.

Such people will, however, enjoy the drama of being criminalized against a backdrop of psychopath leadership running wild over their herds, the escalating drama one of a periodic bubble bursting 10 or so million of it’s inhabitants into oblivion, an audience so enthralled with the spectacle all they do is stand around and watch.

Case in point, see image below.

esi_german shooting mother and child

Fraternal organizations Scottish Rite and LDS Masons are the very same ideological entities that perped the crime above and millions of other like this over the past 200 years. Locally, Baugh’s LDS/ONA crew perped Sylvia Marie Flores under similar circumstances and cleverly disguised this crime via official record which redirects to a patsy. Public vet on this? FUCK no. San Bernardino is awash in leadership thus described, and at this point they do not give a damn about getting caught in this culture of Lie be real!


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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