America BOLDLY responds- LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, typical.

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Americans are complaining local and national leadership is so overwhelmed by corruption collapse of domestic infrastructure is an inevitability. There are mechanisms in place to prevent this, but people are likewise too acculturated to helplessness to use them.

In the interim, many people are researching and writing about how this was made possible with little to no effect upon the thinking of those who persist self willing poorly informed and insouciant, and the numbers of the latter are overwhelming.

One way of looking at this is species have to be ecologically competitive to survive. Without certain skills, some will perish under press from those who are viable and more reasoning in their circumstances. Americans are by and large addicted and out of touch with their survival needs, politically, their collective ability to reason the character of farm animals.

Americans goyim, as Jews cum Khazar like to refer to them, are compulsive, self- aggrandizing and pleasure seeking to such an ungodly extent they have lost connection with reality, this obviously working for the more aggressive Khazar, a comparative example of which is the relationship between the dormouse and the fox, the former oblivious they are doing this to themselves.

The difference between  Khazar and goyim is the latter looks for leadership, the former doesn’t, because they are born with this. Khazar surround their children with mentors, Americans acculturate their children to Big Bird and Barney the consequence of which is predation acculturated via the pop culture and propaganda.

Jews are taught to prey upon their lessors from the cradle, that goy are their food source. The model for this is the cobra (Khazar are the Brotherhood of the Snake, snake bearer or BOS) which is predatory upon emerging from it’s egg.

The Mainstream of any society that comes into contact with BOS learns to reciprocate by acculturating helplessness precipitated by leadership solidarity pledged to Khazar fraternal organizations ideologically linked to their Scottish Rite Freemason or LDS Khazar/Judah communities.

In a nutshell, Khazar recruit from the goy mainstream of those willing to traitor their own in exchange for whatever motivates their perversions. Goy are truly a victim species all their own. They have no intrinsic sense of dignity, suspicion of others who can harm them, or an alert for preservation of the group, as it were, many of them willing to sell out their own for power and visibility which Khazar have figured out how to use them as Judas goats and vassal leadership. They are too gullible, easily addicted and stupid to possess souls.

The American mainstream, addicted to every sort of debauchery imaginable, is not willing to  understand the problem, hence people will go follow puppet leadership baited to some noble slaughter as stupid today as when this bifurcated SR/LDS righteous demon coiled on the US in 1857 via Mountain Meadows and slithered away laughing at the public.

This problem can not be moralized, so sentimentalism will be lost on these racketeering pirates. Their elite will not be persuaded to a conscience, the METRIC one they serve solidarity pledged under threat of death in perpetuity for redaction. What this means is leadership will only respond to a fraternal alpha who maintains control over a lodge cohort and it’s fraternal affiliates that network nationally.

LDS temples are in effect Freemason lodges. Scottish Rite Freemason mission creep is eugenics, this righteous Judah entities manifestation upon the public it’s demon Mormon church. This connection is not surprisingly lost on people who spend their days doing this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

The point is pop culture happiness rules the mind of goy mainstream, the more organized, skillful and solidarity bound SRM/LDS in charge of politics, business, economics and breeding Zion via SKIRTS black mass.

For those complaining local and national leadership is so overwhelmed by corruption, again there are administrative mechanisms in place to prevent this, laziness one’s only obstacle in circumstances that can turn with the first elite Freemason federal senator that is put on expulsion and prevented from ever being elected to public office again.

Meanwhile, America BOLDLY responds: LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, typical.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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