Corinna Novis/Donald J. DeMeulle

esi_demulle novisSan Bernardino Sheriff’s department and then district attorney allege a perfect abduction scenario on Corinna Novis (1986). What they documented as a random thrill kill was a lie.

in 1986, John McMahon, currently 2016 San Bernardino Sheriff Coroner, was just starting his career with SBCSD, largely an unknown to the senior officers that populated the department at that time: however, McMahon was otherwise well known to Scottish Rite and LDS elite.

Where the hell did he come from? There is no public bio on McMahon before his appearance in Apple Valley elementary school sometime late 1960’s. There’s no publicly available data on his date of birth, nor does there appear to be any record of who his parents were or photographs of he and they together. Why?

McMahon is an enigma until the researcher does a database search of possible black mass scenarios and comes up hot on a victim like Beverly Potts. Why Potts? Because McMahon looks a lot like her father and very similar also to former Mormon president, David O. McKay.

Beverly Potts, then 10 years old, living at 11304 Linnet Ave., Cincinnati, OH, disappeared late in the evening 24 August 1951. Because McMahon appears to have a bloodline link to this victim, it is natural to look more broadly at his administrative cohorts, Carey Davis and Mike Ramos.

McMahon et al were involved with Gary Evan Baugh in the slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores which they covered up via their manufactured official report and patsy perp, Sue Robert Seiuli. They don’t have DNA on Seiuli in connection with Flores murder. All they have is a Flores artifact allegedly linking Seiuli to a rape identifying him as the perp.

That’s not police forensics. It’s make it up as you go along, the public too easily conned on a rendition scheme controlled entirely by Scottish Rite/LDS leadership the point of which is resourcing their coveted Tubal Cain Vulcania. What kind of police mind would do this? Profiled sociopaths hired for their predisposition to sadoperversion, for starters.

Outrageous as this may seem, Ramos looks a lot like Pott’s older sister, Anita. How is that possible? Coincidence? Carey Davis looks like David O. McKay. I never realized this until I was standing behind the former at Sports Chalet one afternoon two weeks ago and had the opportunity to encounter one of this psychopath’s perverted family. Height, mulish appearance, with the exception of dark coloration, all McKay.

7 November 1986 Novis was on her way home from work in route to a University of Redlands Homecoming, was allegedly seduced by male and female perp team and subsequently abducted, tortured, raped and buried alive in nearby Fontana.

There are several gaping holes in this scenario, albeit it comes across quick to the public what infatuation with drama journo puts this story across simple minded and yet compelling enough people are satisfied with the information presented, but again it’s a lie.

Not surprising, thirty-one years later, convicted rapists Cynthia Coffman & James Marlow remain on death row for this heinous crime. Why?

Novis was abducted in connection with the address at 844 Washington St. which displaces her from initial police documented location .12 miles southeast on the corner of Orange and W. Colton Ave., and later .32 miles from this address at the Redlands Plaza. The police report is a public mind fuck. Novis was a structured Scottish Rite/LDS rendition.

Exactly how Coffman and Marlow patsied into this abduction is uncertain: however, what can be predicted is this was a snuff kill linked to Donald J. DeMeulle, the recording of which ended up in McMahon’s control commemorative on his involvement in solidarity pledging his fraternal brotherhood linked to the Scottish Rite, LDS church and abduction of Beverly Potts, the latter before he was born.

The correct idea is Novis was sacrificed Tubal Cain, McMahon advancing his career on his willingness to be involved in these circumstances unfettered by a conscience the ultimate price paid that of the life of an unsuspecting victim killed celebratory on fraternal secrecy and coercion. This is John McMahon, and he is fully shielded typical of Mason disregard for the rule of law.

This research alleges Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, and John McMahon are related, that David O. McKay was the bull breeder on the Potts SKIRTS eugenics project, that all are related to Beverly Potts, and that the perp agencies are Scottish Freemasons and LDS Church; that Corinna Novis was snuff sexual sacrificed via SSRA protocol in an abduction engineered by John McMahon who is practiced in occult process, the latter victim further ritually linked to the death of Donald J. DeMeulle typical of racketeered human trafficking crimes perped by Scottish Rite and LDS elite.

As stated before, occult crimes such as these are less significant as demonic occurrences as they are designed to develop and reinforce cohort solidarity. Public mystification is a part of their HRS triptych, people psychologically so overwhelmed with such events they will believe whatever the official record portrays to be true, mystification playing into this as the incomprehensible and dramatic foe of reality.


Regarding LDS presentation on the US, the official story is only part of what actually happened. The myth aside, certain groups entered the US from Europe in agreement to participate in colonial communitarian project involving assigned sentimental breeding within their own groups the DNA products of which manifest in birth defects.

LDS subsequently gave up sentimental breeding within their own family cohorts for healthier breeding with females at large from the mainstream who were abducted for this purpose, albeit these likewise had to be destroyed to eliminate evidence of their kidnappings. This is why the black mass ritual of sacrificing such victims before the birth of a fetus. Occult process plays down the victim as a felony the mystification of which makes the kill appear to be a righteous act.

Scottish Rite and LDS emerged during the French Revolution, their creators guillotined to avoid linking these notoriously criminal organizations from being traced back to France.

Brigham Young was an international Mason and liked to London, France and Spain, quite a different background than what portrays him as a colonial.

Back to Flores’ perp, to believe Sue Robert Seiuli did this, one would have to imagine this dumb unfortunate individual was a master occultist capable of structuring a four point SLC culminating on Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary school in Palm Springs. That is not a likely scenario, the more credible forensic suggestive that school principal, Arlan Anderson, was somehow involved in Flores slaying, but police never went there, for obvious reasons.

It would be game over for the LDS if these mass murderers ever came up on radar, the public in any way alerted on their contributions to Tubal Cain kidnappings and slayings nationally. For the time being, San Bernardino county is haa pee.

It would not be unlikely Novis was likewise linked to Donald J. DeMeulle ( July 31, 1986), the latter of whose death was timed 99 days to Novis making this as double occult engineered slaying in keeping with Sheriff’s department elite sacrificing their own to aggrandize their Scottish Rite masters, enter John McMahon laughing his silly ass off knowing this is going right over the heads of the people he has life and death control over, because he’s black mass bloodline.

In the image at the beginning of this missive, Masons are identified as the perp agency on DeMeulle and Novis in connection with MAG featured moon cycles. 7 has to be supported by Orion the manifestation of which partly issues on DeMeulle’s name, thus:

Donald J. DeMeulle
465134 1 45453335

8 is the number of primary stars in the Orion constellation but only one of two that are needed to manifest 7 featured in moon cycle’s occurring between DeMeulle’s untimely death and the abduction and snuff kill of Corinna Novis. The second 8 presents on the the date DeMeulle was killed:

31 July 1986
31 7 1986

8 is also the base nine additive sum of the triptych numeric values of the eight primary stars of Orion, hence 88= 7, or the Scottish Rite/LDS Freemasons.

Further, confirming 99, this number is also 66 in the occult. Using only the first and last names of both Donald DeMeulle and Corinna Novis, triptych encryption produces 5 and 4, respectively. Ages for both added base nine additive sum= 1) DeMeulle 5+ 28= 528= 6, and 2) Novis 4+ 20= 42= 6.

What the reader is looking at is DeMeulle was sacrificed by his own department made to look like an accident, Corinna Novis a retention sacrifice, Novis perped in the same manner Thomas Monson did Heaven Night Club after his wife died.

There is no actual or real dark force as it were protecting these monsters so much as they use fear to intimidate and make the public unwilling to think clearly to understand this stuff. These are killers, and they use predatory stealth to attack virtually anyone they please for whatever reason suits them.

Recently my handicapped daughter was attacked by chemicals issuing from a Melchizedek I allowed over the threshold to repair the bathtub in our rental unit. Is there justice? We’re looking for it, but the problem is often as they perp, there is no one in the legal system that has been willing to take them to task, for obvious reasons.

The correct idea is Scottish Rite/LDS are hunters of human game, their targets typically people who represent a leadership threat to their supremacy the manifestation of which will always be the birth chart cartographic and status as a first born Novus.


People unaccustomed to understanding predatory motivation do not anticipate that such leadership is seeking more than money and resources. The naive public perceives the power mongering but not the darker side of one’s personality where ordinary survival needs for nutrition, reproduction and rest magnify, hence such predation will seek exotic forms of food, sex and entertainment to aggrandize a heightened and irrational need for same.

Such irrationality begets alternative moral, ethical and philosophical codes more correctly understood as radical, or in the case of how people in the UK describe this, extremist. This produces such diabolical domestic products as Allister Crowley and the generation of occult rationalized psychopaths this monster spawned in connection with Scottish Rite Freemasonry. And, of course, this all comes back to haunt the public that for lack of practiced civics is less concerned for their own safety than enthralled by the drama of occult prevarication.

For example, Jack the Ripper was Freemason Lewis Carroll. His black mass son, TE Lawrence, the female Eve Mary Ann Nichols. This is why Nichols female anatomy was removed. Lawrence birth date was subsequently predated two weeks ahead of his actual rendition date of 31 October 1888. Sarah Junner Lawrence was never seen carrying a child. This is the same application LDS elite use to perp SKIRTS black mass on the US public, the numbers of abduction victims annually reaching 6000+, or two victims per county per year.

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