Orion/1 Samuel 20:30, Part 1 of 2

The eight stars in the Orion constellation are grouped two ways, Meissa and Alnilam constants, the other six variable in how they are represented arranged with either Mintaka or Alnitak.

Each star is named according to some significance to ancient Greek mysticism, and of course these are noble labels denoting determination and character and such.

Miessa- shining one
Betelgeuse- hand of Orion
Bellatrix- female warrior
Mintaka- the belt
Alnilam- string of pearls
Alnitak- central one
Rigel- foot
Saiph- sword of the giant

While the names of each star in this constellation embody some righteous attribute, this entity’s demon is as prevalent where intelligence has penetrated duplicitous mission creep of the creators of this monster, that covert underworld ideology more correctly understood as the inverse hermeneutic.

In this analysis, the stars of Orion have triptych numeric equivalents the organization and combinations of which present in two specific demons identified inverse to what Orion is thought to actually be. These demons manifest on the numbers only. To understand this, one only need to sense of the transformation taking place and not necessarily possess a detained knowledge of the etiology of Greek Gods.

In a nutshell, Orion is first organized thus: Betelgeuse (1), Bellatrix (3) and Alnitak (6), and Mintaka (9), Rigel (5) and Saiph (4). This combination produces base nine additive sums 1 and 9, respectively. 1 and 9 are one of two of Orion’s inverse hermeneutic demons the description of which of the first is 1 Samuel 20:30.

Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Alnitak encrypt 1, Samuel 9, hence 1 and 9 from Orion. Another way to view this is the numbers encrypt the soul of Orion, in this case one of such an evil nature the reader is hard pressed to perceive this against the backdrop of Orion’s reputation of character. Understanding this, one also comprehends the nature of radicalization.

By the definition implicit in 1 Samuel 20:30, this other Orion is the son of a perverse and rebellious woman. Reflecting for a moment, isn’t this the problem people are complaining about with local and national leadership?

Orion presents righteous, the work of such a METRIC identified with one demon enterprise after another, the public left ever moralizing in the wake of hellish leadership that seems to magnify medieval when confronted, Orion’s devil twin lending itself to yet another level of complexity, Dioscuri, the former dies, the latter, not yet discussed, prevailing into antiquity.

This is where it gets a little complicated keeping up with the devil what constitutional felon is adept in pulling off a double bind within a double bind, the public thus subdued by a predator the likes of which can claim the lives of 6 out of every 1000 infants born in California, the public never making the connection to such legislation as SB227.

To quote Lana Wachowski, “That’s impossible…” To the sleeping insouciant mind, this is impossible, and I believe this is her point.

So who is this alleged perverse and rebellious woman referred to in 1 Samuel 20:30? A superficial explanation is she’s a harlot. Invert this (inverse hermeneutic) and she’s person of fine character, or the black mass eve, her son, also on the inverse hermeneutic, the leadership Americans are so complaining about as corrupt AKA the demonic Orion.

This doesn’t take a lot of thought. Once the reader understands the METRIC, comprehending the application is as easy as learning and repeating to oneself what is being read on this page. Leadership is black mass, the actual and true mothers of such demons as Carey Davis little ones like Beverly Potts, their felon perpetrators the likes of David O. McKay, Americans going along with this like they don’t have a fucking clue.

In this interpretation of Orion, Meissa and Alnilam are female leadership denoting monarchy which is a Judah phenomenon.

The following bears repeating in repetition.

Mulekite is a derivative word jumble from the Orion stars Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka, thus:
bEtELgeUse, bellatrIx, MinTaKa
Beginning with the first letter, M, sweep through the names of the stars without reversing using each letter to spell Mulekite as they appear in sequence. this is the same manner of encryption that was used by Zodiac killer, Bertram Feinstein, the correct idea being LDS is linked to domestic terrorism in the US.
LDS literature was manufactured in France during the French Revolution concurrent with the creation of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and development of their occult solidarity pledge. The pledge is their source of power the institution of which proved itself on Tubal Cain Vulcania, Mountain Meadows.
The back drop of this church from hell is sentimental breeding black mass the point of which is they are developing their own bloodlines to replace the indigenous on every continent on the planet.
LDS is thus an administrative eugenics movement, their noble cause religion a idiot shield to a proficient and determined Zion utopia,  Mormon elite very good at bullshitting the public on their notorious charm offensive.




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