Mormo (Mormon/Moroni) Missionaries


Mormon Missionaries are the equivalent of agent provocateurs their true and actual purpose to entice others to falsely implicate themselves in partaking in immoral and unethical acts what membership fronting a noble cause LDS elite use to build a character image to shield themselves from involvement in Genesis 6:2 human trafficking for torture.

Among their missionary duties to evangelize for a church that doesn’t exist- based on a literature that was manufactured concurrent to Scottish Rite Freemasonry during the French Revolution- is reporting the names of all females they talk to, child and adult, to their Melchizedek supers, the latter of whom are worthy soul marry these individuals in secretive temple ceremonies do so with impunity, this sick and twisted practice mystified as a priesthood rite of passage. These priesthood sequestered souls allegedly become marital allies in the afterlife.

According to this wildly insane theoretical construct, and bearing in mind LDS is all about freedom and liberty, Thomas Monson in this life inherited the women he regularly SKIRTS in a past life, every one of his abduction victims, and there are many young and old, including Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, according to the Mormo (Mormon/Moroni) plan, he bound to marriage in perpetuity, just they are not aware of this until they are laid out, tortured, raped and sacrificed nine months hence after having been impregnated by this absolute METRIC psychopath.

Where the fuck is America in this nightmare? Easy explanation: McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV. America falsely believes Jesus and God are on this, their acculturation to a Messianic starlit night life protected by their inherited faith in God BLESS America! Today’s selfie faith, some fool will rise to preeminence to save the world from it’s gullible and sentimental inclinations, perish in the firefight and preserve the mainstream from any loss of time indulging itself into dipshit oblivion.

LDS recruit on the same baseline people exist: eat, reproduce and sleep. The Mormon version of this is Deseret, soul marriage to virtually every female they encounter and of course their literature which is designed to put the mind to sleep. One doesn’t reason in the Mormon church. You learn to follow orders, or you leave.

Missionary provocateurs fail on the minds of those who think. They know this, and they constantly probe you for capitulation during your indoctrination which is why their simpler form of the solidarity pledge during missionary visits to your home, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (triptych encrypted 13) is the true church. Disagree and minimally they walk off with the souls of your women.

Where LDS missionaries have begged themselves over the threshold, rest assured they have raided the domestic pantry and that by the time you have baptized they have likewise bought and paid for your women, and YOU if you are married to one of them, via temple ceremonies that make you their property in perpetuity.

This is exactly LDS rationalization used to perp such notorious abductions and Beverly Potts (David O. McKay), Laurie Lyn Partridge (Spencer Kimball), and as stated earlier Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner (Thomas Monson).

Immoral and unethical? You bet. America conscious of this? How many people have read Mountain Meadows or are aware LDS elite are kiting a picture of George Hodel (prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying) as Joseph Smith?

Got a missionary at the door? Read the story of the Amorite and the Inn Keeper before you let him in. They will not be leaving without taking something you would never have suspected they could, you left standing there a little less inclined to feeling well, your soul inevitably lost in a charade of occult magic through which LDS missionaries own you if they can prone you.

This is a fairly accurate description of San Bernardino city/county administration as well, the likes of Carey Davis, Mike Ramos and John McMahon bred to this future in the manner described in the third paragraph above, David O McKay their God man bull breeder on  SKIRTS victim Beverly Potts kidnapped for this purpose when she was 10 years old.

The Mormo church is the left wing of a Scottish Rite Freemason coup on US domestic infrastructure, the former soliciting membership unknowingly principled on the Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain Vulcania (Christian human sacrifice), the latter the fraternal bulwarks of local and national administrations. Moroni (LDS) and Persephone (Scottish Rite) are thus bifurcated Khazar Judaism, Zion and Israel.

Party hearty, America!






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