San Bernardino a Fool’s Paradise/Goliath

Correct publication date is 21 January 2016.


It goes without saying what adversity does not destroy you will make you stronger.

San Bernardino is no exception to the concept of a fool’s paradise. To clarify, please give attention to the following information examples of which are provided culminating with a narrative explanation based on personal experience with this God forsaken Twilight Zone.

This missive is thematic on agitprop propaganda, the primary mechanism of San Bernardino corruption, the hazing process by which city/county administrations control an otherwise naive or disaffected public 90% of which is dipshit insouciant to a fault.


agitprop– plays, pamphlets, media w/explicit political message
aspect director– responsible for creativity, narrative, production
handler– the actor’s character coach and confidant
provocateur– provocation, dissent, agitation, inciting agent


Agitprop specifically manifests communitarian propaganda upon a sentiment public that is too overwhelmed with feelings to process reality.

Petty crisis as it were motivates capitulation during an agitprop campaign. The correct idea is to induce fear, the targeted individual or group thus psychologically coerced not to think or reason defaulting power to the agitprop theme. Fight back, thinkers get terminated, or suicided if they won’t shut up or leave.

I was once approached by a Scottish Rite scoundrel who offered me access to my administrative career on prequalifying terms that I had to prove myself worthy of being recommended to this District’s training program by destroying the education of two African American children. After explaining these terms, this LDS Melchizedek demon handed me a folder, told me to process the individual’s identified therein and walked off. We conflicted, one of the parents settled out of court, and I resigned at the end of the school year.

AGITPROP This was oral agitation directed at indoctrination in civilly subversive racism leveled as harvesting African American children for a head count for federally funded alternative education. Administrative recruitment was open only to those who were willing to encode solidarity with an informal coercive fraternal entity, minority or otherwise.

ASPECT DIRECTOR This person was the school VP what perk for matriculation was an invitation to an illicit relationship offered knowing I was married with two children. The point of this was character modeling identified with debauchery counter productive to moral and ethical standards of conduct not to mention the effect this would have had on my wife. One of the core battles I had with these perverts was holding off the VP with a sexual harassment complaint. That issue alone alienated my marriage.

PROVOCATEURS There were several of these constantly at play tempting remarks and retaliation on the agitprop team the point of which was to be able to control my job via involvement in untoward behavior that could be used to evaluate my employment eligibility and ultimately character suitability to hold a teaching credential. To these jackals, is was funny when the school administrator frightened primary children with a dead rubber chicken, walked into the girls restroom or wore women’s panties over his head at staff parties, and yet it was unthinkable to document this person once swung a key laden lanyard at a student causing him to recoil or be struck. Twenty Five years later, this very same public school administrator from hell would be identified with the Sylvia Marie Flores abduction in residency at another public school in Palm Springs.


All of this- the hijack mechanism for corruption a leadership campaign that itself was unimaginably rogue lofted to preeminence on solidarity with radical school management agenda eventually identified with kidnapping for torture and human sacrifice- is a canned radicalization agenda.

Needless to say, my issues with San Bernardino didn’t begin at this school.

I taught Junior High school while completing a graduate degree in Education is pursuit a career in school administration. During this time, I met a resource teacher who was going overseas to teach married to a man with a Bachelor’s degree. She wanted him to be qualified to teach with her to double their overseas income, but his undergraduate GPA disqualified him from completing a teaching credential for this purpose.

This woman described how she conned the district to collaborate with Cal State University, San Bernardino, to qualify her husband to receive a teaching certificate, which was fraud. I had completed my own teaching certificate at this school and was acutely aware of their academic standards. He didn’t qualify except via having been racketeered in on his wife’s reputation which was academic nepotism. I pointed this out to her and several other staff what response was this district’s manufactured retaliation that manifest under orders at an other school location.

The corruption in San Bernardino bears itself upon the public an enterprise in triptych politics a full spectrum occupation of administrative offices throughout laced with Scottish Rite Freemasons and their LDS corrupt for a buck white collar felon lackeys, the end game for crooked leadership careers spanning decades of unchecked civil and criminal misdeeds.

And of course such systems are serviced by covert Freemason attorneys what mission creep is resourcing the district’s need for damage control on any victim that survives this fraternal gauntlet.

I actually also advocated for a white female student at this school what cost to the district for fraud was a huge sum of money.

My guess is with all the dark politics going on in this location these compulsive psychopaths had in mind taking one of my daughter’s for revenge. There is extensive research on this latter allegation to support the thesis they have been stalking her from birth for a SKIRTS abduction, hence my standing battles with black mass administration John McMahon who is experienced in SKIRTS rendition (Corinna Novice), Carey Davis who I know to be the black mass son of David O. McKay, and Mike Ramos who bears an uncanny resemblance to McKay and abduction victim, Beverly Potts (1951) and her older sister, Anita.

I tapped into one of the most active human trafficking crime syndicates in the state in San Bernardino, these circumstances certainly in no way fully descriptive of what is actually going on there. This past year a court mediator advanced San Bernardino Superior Court’s provocation that I should write out my last will and testament to which I have personally dedicated every Word Press missive since.

This missive issues on an encounter tonight with a Goliath provocateur cohort that stalked me into Stater Brother’s manifesting another one of their threat presentations populated with professional witnesses the point of which was their team was fully staffed to manufacture a hit. I don’t care how big they send them at me. I’m not that easy to take down, Mr. Goliath no match for this target, which they got a little taste of this at checkout.

The only thing these fuck heads are numbers they pay for via an endless networks of racketeered business organizations that feed their need for asset resources the funding of which comes from even higher levels of corruption in the state. Wonder who that could be?

San Bernardino is in the state’s League of California Cities (CLOCk) network and fully engaged in the process a hijack transformation the nature of which will see this location transformed as a sanctuary city managed by black mass administrators the public would do well to redress but will not, because like I already said, San Bernardino is a fool’s paradise.


FUCK Goliath


arcf of date, SB/Lug/59; “If he doesn’t shut up do whatever you got to do.”

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