123 Whistling and Whittling Brigade Assassin



This is a composite of a male adult skateboard riding knife wielding assassin wannabe that provoked and threatened to knife an old man and his handicapped daughter in the parking lot at Redlands Yum Yum Doughnuts at approximately 6:30 PM 23 January 2016 and is believed by the victim to be affiliated with San Bernardino Mayor, Carey Davis, and his criminal cohort of Scottish Rite/LDS SKIRTS perpetrating METRIC sado-perverts.

Circumstances may involve this this demon in the making having traded clothing with a double, the second person to have subsequently made appearance in the area wearing the jacket and riding the skateboard of the perp which diffused a police investigation. This individual was temporarily detained and released by Redlands PD. Perp presentation is believed by the victim to have been a Stingray resourced hit.


Carey Davis et al. @Gary Evan Baugh> FUCK you. You missed. You’ll keep trying until someone gets hurt. My impression is Redlands PD is not involved in this. In fact, I am guessing RPD generally has no clue you folks are operating an intelligence cell out of the Redlands Mormon temple lodge on 5th and Wabash Avenues, this operation linked all the way back to Beverly Potts (1951) and Cheri Jo Bates (1966) and as current as Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) and Gabriella Calzada and Briana Gallegos (2015).

History in this region is San Bernardino and Redlands administrations at one time did not get along (1940- 50s). Is this because Redlands at one time understood the criminal element that was bearing itself a triptych con into a stalwart community that understood the occult issues with the Mormon church?

It would not surprise me if this Jr. Izzy Ocampo was the perp on Calzada. UR public safety is definitely involved in this, this University campus possibly having been the staging site for Flores’ sacrifice.


You creepy SOBs. The public is totally asleep on what your freaks do for entertainment, but there is a small group of researchers that are not, so you can take your assassination crap and shove it up your ass.


For the reader, 123= Tau/Pythagoras. It’s an encryption code identified with high level occult protocol and in this case MAG encryption on the date, 23 January (321, hence 123, or 6). This is why this date for a hit. This number telegraphs this event as a routine Scottish Rite/LDS assassination threat.

Also, 123 is encrypted 343rd day of year (1/base nine additive sum), I WILL FUCK YOU UP (2/triptych encryption) and knife (3/triptych encryption).


6= the upward pointing shield of Orion, the origin of which is Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph. The date 23 January 2016 encrypts 6, Saturday the 7th day of the week, hence 6 and 7, or 67= base nine additive sum 4, or 13.

4= Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka, or the downward pointing shield of the Star of David. The star of David means this was an Israeli engineered event identified with the LDS church and qualifies as domestic terrorism.

FRANCIS MONSON  There appears to be an LDS DOI anchor on 23 January as well, 17 May 2013. Date to date FNCS produced the numbers 981D 140W 1D (981141, or 6) and 2Y 8M 6D (286, or 7); 67= base nine additive sum 13.

MOUNTAIN MEADOWS  This event was dually MAG anchored on Mountain Meadows. Date to date FNCS produced the numbers 57842D 8263W 1D (5784282631, or 1) and 158Y 4M 12D (158412, or 3), hence 13.

64= base nine additive sum 1= Star of David via Alnitak (1), Rigel (3), Saiph (9), Betelgeuse (6), Bellatrix (5) and Mintaka (4). 139654= base nine additive sum 1. These six stars form the Start of David and are also identified with the Menorah which predates the former. The center candle holder= Alnilam, or the black mass breeder/sacrifice.


Scottish Rite defend themselves against allegations of impropriety as a philanthropic organization making it appear they are incapable of wrongful deeds, albeit this is the alpha organization that controls every local and national public administrative office in the US.

LDS elite defend themselves on the charm offensive. They posture delightfully mulish and stupid (charm) capable of wielding great hardships on those who oppose them via attrition blood atonement (0ffensive) the equivalent of which in the occult is the Orion righteous demon. In other words, they aren’t philanthropic at all. They are predators, domestic, terrorists and METRIC insane.

Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS are the same organization, the former a covert administrative cohort fronting a humanitarian good works agenda and the alpha for the latter, radical cohort Genesis 6:2 sentimental breeding entity. This little anti Christ combo is a theocracy.

People balk at this: however in 1857 LDS perped a Tubal Cain Vulcania sacrifice on a Christian wagon train what project was 27 years in the making. Today this is regarded as a mistake and misunderstanding by LDS elite. Many rank and file Mormons don’t even know about this, and goyim, or the stupid dipshit public, doesn’t have a fucking clue.

Both organizations originated in France during the French Revolution (1790) the purpose of which was to present on the US to coup developing colonial political/administrative and domestic infrastructures occurring at three points on a timeline commencing 1790 and falling on 123 year intervals 1913 and 2036m, and assassination and human sacrifice is a part of their game plan.


The current affairs of our local (California League of Cities) national (Israeli dedicated Congress) governments is directed at guiding this transformation inclusive of LDS sentimental breeding/cloning Zion black mass bloodlines of which Carey Davis, John McMahon and Mike Ramos are bloodline bred parties.

Potts and Bates are SLC typical of LDS elite prevarication with MAG encryption. Flores was key SLC confirming Scottish Rite/LDS ONA prevalence in her death. ONA is the intel unit working through the LDS temple cum Masonic lodge on 5th Avenue and is composed of a multinational team involving CIA, MI6 and Mossad. Very evil. Gary Evan Baugh controls San Bernardino administration and called the numbers on this event. Baugh is a psychopath.

Sharing information like this with public is the reason Baugh and his international hit team is in attack mode. This Mormo snake man doesn’t want he public to know how deeply involved in this the LDS church actually is and the connection this bears to Carey Davis, John McMahon, Mike Ramos, David O. McKay and Beverly Potts. These individuals are TDC SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding, Pots the victim of one LDS’ many breeding campaigns nationally.


It bears mentioning that international pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, a Redlands theater troupe cohort, possess a phallus bearing a knob very similar to that of Orion which is why he’s so important to international occultism. Victor Valley water department’s Mr. Dingle is modeled on this, the connection to feces anal sex, this thing being masqueraded to elementary school children as a water conversation mascot.


Why Whistling and Whittling Brigade this event? Because there’s a SOD signature. The former was a pre Israeli organized crime syndicate involving children attacking, gutting and disposing of adult targets. Much as people do not wish to acknowledge this about the LDS church, this is Mormon history, just their elite dismiss these things as mistakes and misunderstandings what effect on the public is mollification only. They never departed from this practice the ultimate development of which was IDF/IOF, and they are very active in the US via international intelligence linked to their temple lodges. Whistling and Whittling Brigade triptych encrypts 1 as does the Star of David.


The ultimate weapon against whistle blowers is the police trained assassin. There is a strong possibility the individual identified in the image above is actually a police officer. Hair, clothing, baiting behavior, confidence. This individuals’ movement around my vehicle from point of contact formed the number 6, again a 123 motif.

The location of this incident forms the LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania Lightening Bolt with Yum Yum TDC between the Flores Drop site and LDS temple lodge on 5th Avenue. Of course MAG numbers play into this with precision, the LDS lodge .85 (13) miles from Yum Yum Doughnuts duplicating Flores in the opposite direction and .32 miles Yum Yum Doughnuts to the ONA Flores/Finchy axis duplicating on the north side of this ley line at 824 Campus Drive.

Yum Yum Donuts (correct spelling)= FNCS 7 as does the Star of David 7 by letter analysis only. This is thus identified with Redlands occult via the Businessman’s association inviting the the private sector into the Redlands ONA intelligence cell.


esi_yum yum


esi_yum yum2

Redlands PD did not hesitate on this. These police officers were professional and at no time exhibited what has been characterized nationally as radical policing, although it remains my impression the perp was police savvy.

There is a record of the assault presentation and site investigation of the incident date of 23 January 2015 with Redlands PD.


25 May 2016
7/11 Lugonia Avenue adjacent the Home Depot parking lot
receipt time 14:57:08

As I exited the 7/11 after making a gas and food purchase, the driver of the car parked in front of the 7/11 on my extreme right raised his head and whistled in my direction. a Car parked in the gas pump bay honked once. I walked past a man parked in a white pick up truck on my left. Upon my stepping into the parking lot from the walkway in from the the 7/11 entrance, the driver of the pickup truck immediately started his engine and abruptly backed his vehicle toward me. I maintained my pace to which this driver responded by stopping his vehicle. My impression was this event was threat posturing by the three individuals described in this narrative. A fourth vehicle parked behind my own (bay far left on approach)appeared to not have made a purchase but fled this area when I started taking notes on my cell phone. The period 23 January to 25 May= 4 months 2 days, or 42= 6, and 92 days 13 weeks 1 day= 92131, or 7, hence 67= 13.

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