Francis Pusok/Sylvia Marie Flores MAG Encryption

As stated previously, Francis Pusok was a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department hit staged to masquerade John McMahon righteous after the latter having been discovered involved as a rendition asset in the Sylvia Marie Flores kidnapping for torture.

Pusok was set upon by deputies for a kill, McMahon knowing he would subsequently sacrifice same to the justice system do save his own reputation by making him appear to be on the side of the law in competition with what was learned otherwise about this demon black mass spawn, literally. Out of ten deputies, three will be prosecuted (13).

This is not unusual behavior for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and reflects wildly on Donald J. DeMeulle (human sacrifice) and Corinna Novis (retention sacrifice), these 1986 deaths typical of a region operated by bifurcated occult organizations, Scottish Rite and the LDS church, which are one and the same.

The following image reflects upon the abduction of Sylvia Marie Flores, what kidnapping lofted McMahon to public preeminence as an occult public administrator in the first place, Pusok commemorative on Flores, this crime like the many others these dracs perp boldly telegraphed to the world using their special triptych pirating code.

These images convey MAG matched encryption, emphasis astrology, of the Orion Star of David on an overlay between the two.


Stupid was invented in San Bernardino.

For the die hard Scottish Rite/LDS rank and file that absolutely reject this research thesis, be aware of four points of reality you are not going to be able to dismiss out of mind as a mistake or misunderstanding:

1)  There is compass and square cartography embedded in the landscape of the Redlands LDS temple lodge,

2)  the property is landscaped black mass the predominate image of which is a womb      containing a fetus,

3)  the statue of Moroni that sits atop the temple steeple and bearing a horn is aligned with Bohemian Grove, and

4) Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palms Springs at 777 Tachevah Drive, the Redlands LDS temple lodge at 1761 5th Avenue and the Prickly Pear cactus (Cactaceae) adjacent the location where Flores was dropped after she was sacrificed signature she a sabra kill and what point to point encryption is 123 (Cactaceae/1, 1761 5th/2 and 777/3).

esi_lds temple re flores pusok

There is a gross intentionally subtly propagandized function of the Mormon church 100% never considered by rank and file LDS the prevalence of which bearing itself into the communities in which these temple lodges are constructed is slavery. They own you weather you are Mormon or not, and they prove this on every SKIRTS rendition their elite perp.

Fight with or disagree with them, and they will press an agenda of attrition blood atonement in perpetuity networked with their administrative Scottish Rite cohorts. This owner/slave relationship is perpetuated in their temple marriage cerimo0nies in which elite Melchizedek literally soul marry any female such a person desires, the more, the greater that individual’s proficiency.

LDS also attack certain birth chart cartography which they find offensive to their identification with Orion. Such presents as a flag of sorts which they do not allow to present in a highly territorialized domestic setting they believe is owned and operated exclusively by the Scottish Rite and LDS Freemasons, just they don’t say this outright to avoid being routed.

LDS only need about 3% of the public’s confidence to establish in communities in which they manifest. In Redlands, that’s about 2100 people. In San Bernardino, that about 6400, the latter very close to the number of signatures that recalled former DA, Jim Penman. Scottish Rite/LDS put him put him out in a highly orchestrated campaign to coup city administration.



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