The Orion psychopath is the duplicitous righteous demon. In the story of the Amorite and the Inn Keeper, this character makes an appearance as the friend of Inn merchant seeking lodging which is refused due occupancy of the Inn keeper’s daughter. The patron leaves, and the next morning this individual has fled with the daughter.

Another version of this story is LDS missionaries who having offered a householder a copy of the Book of Mormon invite themselves over the threshold. In what seems like a simple enough con, what has taken place is the missionary once in your home identifies every female, child and adult, and forwards this information on to their elite Melchizedek who commence soul marriage to these people inclusive of the spouses of married women, which is polyandry.

The public’s response to this can be summed up as a joke referring to LDS as simple minded and crazy. In reality, they are cunning predators, their prey the very people who falsely believe they can dismiss these monsters out of mind by regarding them indifferently to their occult mission creep. If they have scoped you out for a meeting of any type, kiss your soul goodbye in their fantasy version of life, because their mission is to relieve you of it the equivalent of which on the outside is your dignity.

LDS also have access to hospital birth records, and they alert on those whose profile matches that of a leadership entity competitive with their agenda to suppress mainstream intelligence subordinating same to their own. Leadership potentially can be predicted based on birth information, and they attack those who may rise to oppose them; they kill them. If female, many of these are SKIRTED and bred black mass to LDS elite.

Now then, who are Sabra? By definition, Sabra are regarded to have a warm heart albeit bristly aggressive bearing the combination of which makes them excellent righteous demon militants.

There’s discussion on this that can last for hours of writing. This will reach very few, because most people will not give attention to any project that requires sustained concentration for more than 1o minutes. In a nutshell, Sabra has militancy history and is identified with native born Israelis. Since Israel regards gentiles as a herd animal, Sabra is a predatory entity upon any American community. With this in mind, Jews are taught to regard non Jews as prey, themselves as supreme predators.

Sabra was the perp asset on Cheri Jo Bates and Sylvia Marie Flores. What San Bernardino and now Riverside need to understand is people stand no chance of surviving an assault by a team of these monsters without training the mind to both perceive their approach and how to respond to them. They stalk to kill and will typically feature a three man/woman assassin team and a handler. They network with 247 Intelligence units, and like the latter have impunity for their crimes. Local police departments will not pursue them, police administration redirecting to the METRIC identified patsy as the perp.

To date, the correct hierarchy of power is the local 247 intelligence cell organized under Order of the Nine Angels anchored on the Redlands LDS temple lodge staffed with county administrators and resourced with Sabra nationals or their militant equivalents, and they interact and Crypto in with Watchtower, the Lutheran church, B’nai B’rith and local gang culture.

The really nifty thing about this for DC- Israel and it’s nationally syndicated Scottish Rite/LDS satellites is while Americans are being disarmed, Sabra are not, nor will any Sabra perp be brought to justice, for obvious reasons. The only chance a targeted individual has in a fight with one of these freaks is prevailing at the point of contact.

Figure if the ADL perceives any militia activity on this, individuals thus predisposed to self defense outside on anything with greater force than a blue UN whistle will be prosecuted, which is not much different than how they regard Palestinians.

Sabra are radical Israeli identified militants operating in the US at the will of LDS and international 247 cohort administrators.




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