Ted Alejandre

esi_ted alejandre

Have you ever talked to a snake? Did you know a snake has a natural smile?

Try talking to a snake sometime. You will notice the tongue periodically issues from it’s closed mouth, the thing looking back at you… smiling.

Snakes don’t really smile, but the formation of this animal’s mouth makes it appear as though it is. People generally don’t see this, because they don’t pay that close attention to detail. Some people smile back. Those are sentimentalists, or idiots. Others cringe at the idea that these creatures are actually quite mindless. The latter are realists.

Snakes eat other living creatures alive. Certain types of snakes poison and immobilize their prey and then swallow them while still breathing. One of the big events in ED classrooms is feeding a live rat to a ball python. Children LOVE it! Teachers get a kick out of knowing how their students seem to calm down after such an event. Administrators turn a blind eye to the practice. Everyone’s ha-pee watching the life crushed out of an living creature by a more predatory one.

Ted Alejandre is snake, sort of. What is meant by this is he does things on a METRIC like a snake does. He smiles like a snake. Mr. Alejandre has a slithering tongue like a snake. This public school administrator is stealth like a snake. Psychologically he’s a snake.

While this may seem an unfair assessment of a man who is one of the pillars of San Bernardino domestic infrastructure, or perhaps people would like to alleged he’s being attacked because he’s Mexican/American, fact remains he acts like a snake. People will undoubtedly want proof of this.

To ordinary folks who celebrated this snake man’s ascent to SBCOE Superintendent, Mr. Alejandre is their hero. This is macabre but also typical of the creepy crawlers that have slithered their way into public administration in San Bernardino worshiped by a public that has clue what these SNAKE monsters are up to. The public is HA-PEE!

So what has this snake man done that’s so offensive? What is the meaning of this opinion about Ted Alejandre’s professional ethics. For those of us who are paying attention, thinking, certain words alleged to be his own have conveyed Mr. Alejandre’s motivation for his work not so much what he can do to actually improve education for San Bernardino’s myriad of school districts reformulated on this budding drac administrative culture, but how to further acculturate SKIRTS, an example of which was Sylvia Marie Flores.

People regard this information too cavalier, the official record bearing itself into the public conscience a BOS narrative possessing less reality and more of the drama people seem to have an affinity for. Go Ted Alejandre #1! That sort of stuff. This makes people HA-PEE. Every one is he-pee, albeit someone is being sacrificed in the backdrop with leadership much the same type of individuals that populate ED classrooms throughout the county.

Ted Alejandre is evil. He’s soulless like a snake. Here’s why.

In a piece published in the (Black) Sun Telegram 5 January 2015, an image of Ted Alejandre splashed across the header of this article is shown smiling broadly. This looks like a kindergarten picture of an adult. Paedomorph immediately comes to mind. Psycho-paedomorph is more to the point. The latter are very dangerous sociopaths.

In the first Alejandre quote in this Sun article, the author records the following:

“I ask you to stand with me as we move forward on this very important journey.”

Kewl? Take another look. 16 words in the BOS base nine system= 7, a Mason dedication. Mr. snake man Alejandre is acknowledging he is a part of a movement the public is completely unaware of. Such prevarication with the language is referred to as the slithering movement of the tongue of the snake.

Look yet again. 21 syllables, or 3. This number is a bit of a trick, although the simple explanation is radicalized 3= E= triptych ciphered 2, this latter number the absolute value of Genesis 6:2. 2 and 7 are Orion Mason primes. You see, Genesis 6:2= SKIRTS black mass breeding the prevalence of which is perped by snake man monsters like Ted Alejandre, an example of what this smiling monster is capable of, Sylvia Marie Flores.

Roll your eyes, giggle and laugh, move on to your next day of bliss in your fantasy bubble oblivious to circumstances that long as you act stupid maybe they will never sight on you personally: however, if they want to fuck you, or maybe one of your children, stupid will only heighten their determination. If you want to be fucked, act stupid. See how that works?

Ted Alejandre’s Aspire to Inspire logo likewise triptych ciphers: 1 logo, cipher 2, 3 words. Don’t know what this means? That‘s 123, or Tau. This is the number point to point encrypted in the SKIRTS abduction sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores team McMahon would have the public believe was a crime of passion.

Mr. Alejandre’s name is ciphered 27. Point? BOS leadership is MAG encrypted. McMahon named his children after the Brotherhood of the Snake, encrypted. This is an example of how they pull this off. Bearing in mind this alternative government entity is anti-constitution, one can fairly acknowledge Alejandre’s oath of office is secondary to his solidarity pledge to the fraternal brotherhood that actually put him in office. Is this okay?

In the mindless community of San Bernardino, and in keeping with the dismissive attitude of BOS elite, it’s okay, because the public could really care less. People are going to begin to wake up when some of the classier areas of San Bernardino start to look like the neighborhoods around Carousel Mall, but will it matter?

Ted Alejandro is a dirty administrator and a constitutional traitor. The Scottish Rite Freemasons would never have promoted him if he were not, and he is participating in predation upon the San Bernardino communities along with ONA cohorts Gary Evan Baugh, Carey Davis, John McMahon and the Sun Telegram.

Meanwhile, 205K San Bernardino residents being ruled by Scottish Rite/LDS local Judas goat elite are LOL Kewl OMG LMAO ha-pee!

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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