LaVoy Finicum


LAVOY FINICUM serves the same purpose as Francis Pusok. Pusok was engineered to masquerade John McMahon righteous to spite the fact that he, McMahon, was involved in both the Corinna Novis (retention sacrifice/1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (commemorative sacrifice/2013) Slayings.

Mormon LaVoy Finicum was engineered to to salvage Thomas Monson’s reputation against the backdrop of his involvement in the Heaven Night Club (retention sacrifice) and the SKIRTS abductions of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner (LDS elite sentimental breeding Eves).

Mormon SYG militia as modeled is constitutionally illegal. Finicum was not a member of a charter militia and therefor was not well regulated. In the manner presented in the agitprop what if scenario, Finicum was rogue.

Let’s clean up some of the theatrical crap in this video. For example, LaVoy was allegedly an outdoors person, so it is not likely he figured penetrating the snow pack to avoid the road block. The point of this scripted scene was to heighten the drama and suspense of a theatrical kill while giving up to police.

The roadway would not have conveyed the contrast needed to demonstrate such a  kill, the road location also vulnerable to traffic increasing the risk of an injury to a crisis actor (LaVoy), an injury lawsuit, and a record of FBI involvement in LDS agitprop propaganda.

Thomas Monson is a pervert, and this theatrical event does absolutely nothing to change the circumstances pointing to his involvement in SKIRTS kidnapping for torture and reflections upon Beverly Potts and David O. McKay.

Given the willingness to play Mormons up as heroes, one can only imagine the role the Mormon populated FBI had in co-orchestrating Holloway and Gardner.

There’s a reason the Bible refers to people as a flock of sheep. Akin to sheep, in the mainstream, people are the stupidest animal on the planet, the absence of forensic intelligence a hallmark of sapien gullibility and insouciance.

Finicum is Monson’s Mormon cum Mormo sentimentality pseudo savior, nothing more, the technology used to manufacture this event illegally paid for with public money, the latter having no clue Monson’s new fucks are SKIRTS captives Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.


30 January 2016_1 Oregon a confirmed Obsidian Analysis agitprop project w/some analysis collaborating Finnicum theatrical as well. The latter was frame bridged to Oregon to work a salvage campaign on LDS president Thomas Monson having been involved in the Natalee Holloway/Robyn Gardner abductions as has been the practice of Mormon elite since their 1857 Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain Vulcania. Mormons are being made to appear to be aligned with militia, which is bullshit. LDS is an occupation campaign in the US collaborated with Scottish Rite Freemasonry what ultimate goal is capitulation of US political and religious infrastructures. In other words, Scottish Rite and LDS elite are pulling off a coup, Americans about as alert as dormice under siege from avian stealth flight predators.

30 January 2016_2 @PCR re> “… Something dire has happened to the intelligence and awareness of Western peoples who seem no longer capable of comprehending the machinations of “their” governments. ” The profound reality of this statement is the public on both continents is being subjected to triptych politics the nature of which is radicalization such as is the case with the flat earth movement. Simply understood, HRS radicalization circumvents and subverts reality. It is incorrect to attempt to moralize the triptych METRIC, because it is an agenda driven process serviced by solidarity pledged Masons. The constitutional honor pledge subordinates, and people thus inclined pledge debauchery the likes of which involves child/human sacrifice. There is no alert on these circumstances. Sapien preoccupation with drama manifests anchored on limbic brain. There is no catalyst for character, people who possess the latter thus endowed by their maker as Novus, or species transformation to the next level on intelligence (eg you, Makow, Hoffman, McConnell, O’Keefe ANAI). In other words, the mainstream is not going to wake up, because they don’t have the DNA for this. People are aware of the circumstances, but they choose not to respond to the crisis imagining, I believe, that ignoring it will make it go away on it’s own. I live near IRC and informally chat around Obama having allegedly visited San Bernardino at the time of this manufactured crisis. People swear to be damned he was here, but when pressed for photographs or where they saw him, all confirm only limousines the windows of which were too dark to see inside. Do forensic on this, and they bristle, which is madness. HRS triptych plays the double bind against normalcy the effect of which is people begin to lose a firm grip on reality. This produces schizophreniform reaction the consequence of which is your correct perception that something dire is effecting human intelligence in the west. Pardon the expression, but triptych= mind fuck, the less people understand about this the more susceptible they are to it’s effects. Ultimately sapiens are pretty stupid. This can not be corrected with information. They thrive on the drama of destruction.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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