Well Regulated Militia (DRAFT)


Form unarmed units, field practice and do organization and readiness to engage based on sheriff or Governor leadership. Do not arm up unless recognized as a valid 2nd Amendment militia via charter.

Some people falsely believe militia is a self regulating entity. This is incorrect. Well regulated means exactly what is described above.

If you are the Son’s of Perdition or some other such bullshit organization unconstrained by the rule of law you are not authentic. Without a leadership charter, you are nothing.

This researcher is pro 2nd Amendment, anti-Foundation, for obvious reasons. Foundation felon militia, Sabra, perped Sylvia Marie Flores, blamed it on a patsy, and when McMahon got caught set up three of his deputies for fall to parade himself a righteous and law abiding public administrator.

McMahon and cohort administration Gary Evan Baugh, Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos, Ted Alejandre and the Sun Telegram are Foundation.

For the record, this researcher is not militia, in not armed and does not advocate for the overthrow of government or it’s administration. Rather, based on the principle of community/civics embedded in the US Constitution, the purpose of this missive is to inform the public about crimes being perpetrated by local administration what purpose is a coup and to think about this as a well organized militia issue.

Very simply, people have a choice to capitulate or seek political alternative leadership correct to the rule of law and assert yourself thus. Certainly people will have to give up their addictions to fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment and pursue civics enlightenment to effect corrections: however, what is to be understood is such shielding from Foundation and it’s resources to suppress is not a call to individual action but rather a community one that recognizes the value of mediation and accountability to justice based entirely on the rule of law and not some radical version of this.

In reality, there is no such civics in the US, typical gun owners boastful of their patriotism less any real investment understanding what they were intended for in the first place. For this reason, this researcher is a gun control advocate. Big mouth arm chair patriots set a poor 2nd Amendment example, impressionable youth incorrectly perceiving the 2nd amendment is a stylish affinity for a rebel flag, beer butt chicken and tactical shotguns.

Much as I hate to admit it, America has become a dipshit society populated with some of the laziest characters imaginable. Remember though, capitulation is a choice. When it dawns on the public who is in charge and the heinous crimes these monsters have committed, at that point you may in fact be in that twilight state of mind when soul is adjusting to it’s separation from this life in preparation to meet it’s maker in route to the next.

There is no vocation to laziness.





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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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