Morality v METRIC

esi_metric v moralist

Discernment of parts in relation to the whole is the foundation of human thought, the ability to attach value to either reason. Morality is this process of determining the quality of an idea, behavior or product what impact on self and others is a measure of quality, good or bad.

We typically look for morality in leadership, METRIC usurpers realizing this formulating a masquerade which places not the brightest and the best but the scoundrels of our society, people that do theatrical selfies to an audience that becomes memorized by this the consequence of the latter of which is vulnerability to propaganda.

METRIC is fraternal agenda and does not regard morality or the suffrage of any collateral entity not a party to the benefits of a given project, morality be damned. In this case, the only thing that matters is fulfillment of an agreed upon task, human thought in such circumstances secondary to METRIC predation mission creep in perpetuity.

In consideration of two ends of the survival spectrum, moralists tend to write the rules for society, METRICS violate them, the one at play against the other, neither fully comprehending this split is one of the most destructive power struggles on the planet. Moralists will not shield themselves nor organize adequately to prevent their destruction. METRICS see their prey and pounce.

Moralists occupy the higher mind, METRICS limbic and self serving. When they fight for preeminence, moralists inevitably fail to recognize human behavior is first a predator, second a conscience in so far as the higher mind acculturates wisdom. The losses of the former are huge and celebrated by the latter.

On the other hand, METRICS, like coyotes, do not sustain lasting power as they begin to consume their own when they run out of moralist prey. While the process of baiting to METRIC protocol may be initially empowering, in the long run many of these eventually regret their involvement having a sense of self-betrayal and gross violation to humanity. This becomes glaringly apparent when they witness one of their own betrayed by their own leadership.

Gullibility is featured at both ends of the psychopath spectrum. Absolutes fail to recognize intelligence is an ecological variable not under their control. Victim psychopaths figure their blight is permanent. METRIC superposition between these defines the spectrum, either of the former and the four between (narcissist, charismatic, distemper, compensated) trapped except those rogues that are naturally motivated to debauchery, enter the solidarity pledge.

Moralists pledge honor, METRICS debauchery. Honor pledged against a backdrop of corruption is meaningless: however, solidarity pledged against a backdrop of morality is very powerful. The reasons for this is such predators will in fact fear for their life should their debauchery be fully understood by the mainstream.

Moralists can rout a tyrant but generally will not. They don’t anticipate the need for this, a feature of moral intelligence that works against them. While ideas may be the foodstuff of sustained protest, the moralist lacks the organization and resources to syg for their own survival, hence these are dumb fucks that are lining up graveside when told to do so for their subsequent execution and burial all the while complaining how unfair this is.

Mankind does not have to be moralistic to eat, reproduce and sleep, the latter of which is the exclusive domain of the METRIC predator, hence METRICS are well anchored in survival, moralists in their spiritual development willing to be held back out of a lack of a desire to assert boundaries.

The first mistake the public makes when set upon by a METRIC is to remind this individual what s/he has done is immoral. The second mistake is believing this will correct the behavior. Allowing such a demon to remain in power seals the public’s fate as a local prey herd.

When people in power make mistakes these will generally occur in cascade engineered to produce some effect such leadership knows well the public will do nothing to curtail. Moralists thus do not sustain against the METRIC surge the best example of which is currently underway in the US.

The constitution, a treatise on human morality, is collapsing under press from the Freemason METRIC the consequences of which will not be fully realized until people begin to attempt to assert boundaries too late, the substitution of gluttony, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment for morality nothing more than an exquisite bait over the threshold of con politicians into some morality oblivion.



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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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