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123 Whistling and Whittling Brigade Assassin

DEATH THREAT This is a composite of a male adult skateboard riding knife wielding assassin wannabe that provoked and threatened to knife an old man and his handicapped daughter in the parking lot at Redlands Yum Yum Doughnuts at approximately … Continue reading

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Why the Honor System Fails Against the METRIC Psychopath

Trust me is probably the most deceptive remark conceived of by human intelligence. It means everything when one person wants something another has and nothing once satiate. People enter into all sorts of agreements on this little phrase. Marriage vows … Continue reading

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San Bernardino a Fool’s Paradise/Goliath

Correct publication date is 21 January 2016. It goes without saying what adversity does not destroy you will make you stronger. San Bernardino is no exception to the concept of a fool’s paradise. To clarify, please give attention to the … Continue reading

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San Bernardino Public Insouciance= Sanctuary City in the Making

Public Insouciance is taking down San Bernardino, predatory government installing itself knowing there will be no resistance in this God forsaken Drac’s lair. Scottish Rite/LDS fraternal linked networks are racketeering a collapse of city management infrastructure removing principled leadership and … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of San Bernardino City Administration

DISTRICT ATTORNEY MIKE RAMOS Case study on the abduction alone is classic MAG/SLC. Potts abduction forms a three point straight line cartographic with the LDS temple/Mason Lodge in Kirtland at 23.9 (5) miles TDC Potts residence at 11304 Linnet Avenue … Continue reading

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Celebrity Death/Retention Sacrifice

Scottish Rite/LDS retention sacrifice engineered on 9: Donald J. DeMeulle > Corinna Novis 99 Days 9 base nine additive sum Francis Monson > Heaven Night Club 9 Days Itzcoatl Ocampo >Gabriela Calzada/Briana Gallegos 99 Weeks 9 base nine additive sum

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Mormo (Mormon/Moroni) Missionaries

Mormon Missionaries are the equivalent of agent provocateurs their true and actual purpose to entice others to falsely implicate themselves in partaking in immoral and unethical acts what membership fronting a noble cause LDS elite use to build a character … Continue reading

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Orion/1 Samuel 20:30, Part 2 of 2

As stated in Part I, the following introduction to Part II is being repeated to make an impression upon the reader. People are too cavalier and unsuspecting in their dealings with the LSD church the consequence of which is this … Continue reading

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Orion/1 Samuel 20:30, Part 1 of 2

The eight stars in the Orion constellation are grouped two ways, Meissa and Alnilam constants, the other six variable in how they are represented arranged with either Mintaka or Alnitak. Each star is named according to some significance to ancient … Continue reading

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Bertram Feinstein was the Zodiac Killer

Picked off this article a while ago. It’s from 25 August 2013 but delivers Feinstein to the public true to her core beliefs that the only good citizen is one that does the shut up. Feinstein’s occult philosophy no doubt … Continue reading

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