Bifurcated Communication

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Wapo just did an article on national security that describes a CIA tactic for deceiving it’s own workforce using a bifurcated communication process, eye wash.

Apparently, senior CIA officials issue internal memos containing false information and use separate channels to convey accurate information to cleared sources.

On the surface this maintains CIA solvency with the American public and rule of law, albeit what is actually taking place may be constitutionally illegal.

Such communication described as eye wash bears similarity on how Scottish Rite and LDS conduct business with their membership and the public.

Reflecting upon Scottish Rite/LDS in such circumstances, like the CIA, the latter uses routine channels to convey false information about the church and it’s leadership to membership.

An example of insider communication is the relationship the LDS church has with entities that control hospital and birth records that are used to target and attack/SKIRT victims nationally, people largely unaware of this human trafficking enterprise, for obvious reasons.

DC throws crisis at the public the backdrop of which is LDS black mass sentimental breeding crossover in the mainstream their bloodline alphas they re using to restart humanity.

Of course LDS claim that’s all made up, just there’s no way to prove otherwise, since their own records are kept locked away from the public, public records not regarded in this manner by either Scottish Rite administrators or LDS shills who populate their administrative offices and provide them with unchecked access to same.

No less is true of Scottish Rite administrators that use their fraternal brotherhood connections to share information in the same manner masquerading bifurcated communication singularly as an internal system, which would still be true, just the actual process is highly deceptive upon the public and breeches records privacy ANAI.

LDS go a step further and telegraph their occult mission creep via MAG encryption which, the public unaware of what this is, never reads the criminal message thus disclosed.

For example, when GB Hinckley made his 1999 on site Mountain Meadows commemorative speech, he encrypted and telegraphed black mass via Catclaw Canyon and the Black Madonna in Montserrat, Spain, no one knowing for the better he was in fact celebrating this horrific event as a Tubal Cain Vulcania cloaked in Mormon encrypted double speak.

Ordinary channels of communication on this event made it appear as though Mountain Meadows was a mistake and misunderstanding the consequence of which was the slaying of 120+ Christians LDS elite prefer to refer to as immigrants. They also raided the wagon train for goods and took 17 child hostages… by mistake and misunderstanding.

In fact, Mountain Meadows was a highly orchestrated 27 year project in the making the purpose of which was to establish Mormon preeminence via human sacrifice the evidence of which is the 1700+ mile dot to dot geocartographic lightening bolt Kirtland, Nauvoo, Independence and Mountain Meadows… by mistake and misunderstanding.

Stupid will deny this. To thinking people, this event is transparent, and they will have no part of LDS treachery. Bifurcated communication has no place in a free society, LDS the prime example of what can happen when the righteous demon of occult organization manifests on a public too willing to acquiesce to someone else’s explanation of why things happen the way they do in exchange for food, sex and METRIC status and power.

False information is typical of an organization invested in lying to it’s public, in the case of the Mormon church the point of this to maintain solidarity with a public they would rout were people to learn what this organization is actually doing, their lie and people’s willingness to believe this the only mechanism by which they are able to remain in American society.

In reality, the CIA isn’t doing anything new. LDS have been doing bifurcated communication for 159+ 27= 186 years. Mormon elite refer to this as prophecy, and the people who believe this crap are their psychological and breeding slaves, literally.


Regarding the header image, Mormon elite are identified with the Constellation Orion, triptych encryption on the stars of Orion producing their fraternal preoccupation with the number 27. 2= Genesis 6:2, 7 the base nine derivative of the encryption of the names of the eight primary stars of this constellation.

Elizabeth Short was found dead 15 January 1947 after having been ritually sacrificed, her body laid out in a Los Angeles park portraying the Mason compass (legs) and Square (right arm).

Mountain Meadows was perped 11 September 1957, Short 32632 days, or 4661 weeks 5 days later, what base nine additive sum= 3263246615= 2, and 89 years 4 months 4 days later, what base nine additive sum= 8944= 7, hence 27.

George Hodel as Joseph Smith= eye wash. Worst still. LDS elite pepr human sacrifice the proof of which in 1857 was Mountain Meadows, and 1947, Elizabeth Short.

These mind fucks also did Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novice, Sylvia Marie Flores and tandem slayings Gabriella Calzada and Brianna Gallegos via international 247 intelligence units staffed with Sabra militants.

Every one of these was MAD telegraphed to a public easily mystified by the Mormon righteous demon AKA charm offensive.


Their entire game= the HRS Triptych. This works, because people can’t process multiple levels of conflicting information least they capitulate to whatever magic is offered as an alternative to radical politics, and the LDS church is radical politics.




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