Joseph Smith/George Hodel

esi_joseph smith not

This picture is being kited by the Mormon church as an authentic image of Joseph Smith. This is not Joseph Smith. It is a Photoshopped image of George Hodel (c. 1927) dressed in the wardrobe of the period in which Smith was alleged to have lived 100 years previous.

Why this person as Joseph Smith?

George Hodel is being celebrated by the Mormon church for his role in the 15 January 1947 Elizabeth Short slaying. Fact is Short was sacrificed by an LDS cohort identified with Hodel and then church president, George A. Smith. Short was sacrificial entertainment for these righteous demons, LDS leadership privileged allegedly because they are themselves believed to be the Gods of this planet.

In reality there was no Joseph Smith, and without proof he even existed the Mormon church is lost in the oblivion of it’s own rhetoric, hence the need to produce an image that can be used to convey to the public Smith was real.

Hodel as Smith also celebrates LDS involvement in human sacrifice the point of which is domestic terrorism, the effect trauma has on the public as a catalyst for control and theocratic preeminence.



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