Sheriff John McMahon/Attrition Blood Atonement

esi_mcmahon flag fold

Incorrectly folded US flag worn on clothing subordinate to an alternative political entity (eight stars decorating collar; Orion//Freemasons)= mercenary.

As stated here and here, there are approximately 90 international 247 intelligence cells operating in the US anchored on Mormon temple lodges the activities of which are directed by LDS temple administrators.

These cells are staffed with Sabra militants their purpose to perform whatever domestic terrorism task is requested of them by Scottish Rite/LDS leadership. These are the fucks that are perping felony crimes (abduction, murder, burglary, assault, car theft, etc.) that are not being prosecuted.

LDS elite are fully aware of this, and in many cases Scottish Rite affiliated sheriff and district attorneys are a part of this as well. Certainly this is the case in Redlands, California.

In Redlands, Sheriff John McMahon has an immense credibility issue lofting on his alleged involvement in the Corinna Novice (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) slayings.

McMahon is a career 247 serial rendition asset and is also bloodline linked to kidnap victim Beverly Potts (1951).

Potts is believed to have been SKIRTS perped by Mormon president, David O. McKay, for breeding purposes via LDS sentimental breeding eugenics mission creep. She was 10 years old when kidnapped by the LDS church for this purpose, her first child believed to be Mayor Carey Davis via David O. McKay.

McMahon and Redlands ONA cohorts Davis, San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos and COE Superintendent Ted Alejandre are all radically identified with Genesis 6:2 in connection with SKIRTS rendition and are likewise fully backed and shielded by Scottish Rite and LDS populated FBI.

These monsters are a Freemason crime syndicate identified with the kidnapping for torture of Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands, 2013) with absolutely no regard for or fear of the rule of law.

They are so thoroughly networked throughout local and national government they control every justice office that would ordinarily have stopped them 100 years ago.

McMahon is currently sponsoring a retaliation campaign on this researcher that involves using young adults and children to do all sorts of mayhem directed at life threatening and catastrophic events correctly described as Whistling and Whittling campaigning attrition blood atonement.

There are for real demons in this life, and Freemason elite are among the most concentrated of these. No one with a conscience ascends to public leadership ik the Scottish Rite/LDS fraternal brotherhood.

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