Mormon Church Secret Combinations

Make no mistake about what you are dealing with when set upon by the charm offensive righteous demon LDS missionary. The Mormon church is a part of the bifurcated coup on the US the other party of which are Scottish Rite Freemasons.

The simple minded public doesn’t like to hear this, but reality is LDS mission creep is itself a bifurcated process, one to penetrate and eliminate the Protestant faiths and the other to perpetrate black mass eugenics. Scottish Rite mission creep has been to occupy local and national US administration, both entities pledged to solidarity under threat of death for redaction.

Initially when people read this, it makes no sense. They rationalize that the steps used to produce numbers are arbitrarily assigned to word letters, mathematically compute sums base nine is nonsense, and that the numbers this method produces are rationally impossible.

Add to this LDS allege strict adherence to a faith system free of involvement in any form of Satanic activity, one of their staunchest RAF arguments their stated disposition against secret combinations which they allege absolutely to be Satanic. For the record, Satanic= radical.

There is no end to the corruption of the Mormon Church internationally. Mitt Romney controls the Drug cartels and gangs in Mexico as the alpha for the US. He controls every US Mason temple lodge and their local administration led 247 international intelligence cells covertly staffed with Sabra militants.

In the first problem, people do not perceive the value in understanding how a predator cloaks itself to walk among it’s prey unnoticed. In the second, this is exactly how they do it.

Taking this right to the point, Mormon elite have an obsession with the number 13. The reason for this has been speculated in volumes of information, people on the outside of their organization as well as their own RAF membership necessarily flummoxed to maintain mass ignorance on one of the most powerful and primary esoteric operating systems of their pseudo faith.

As the reader is about to learn, LDS elite not only use secret combinations to communicate their evil stateside, they do this also to perp horrific crimes and acknowledge to one another their preeminence as a predator fraternal organization that has no regard for the rule of law let alone humanity.

LDS administration is itself a Satanic (radical) hierarchy engineered mostly to filter complaints and act as successive barriers to the church president that for all intents and purposes is the most evil person on this planet.

Mormons don’t put character in charge of an operation that was set up to perp at will eugenics on the mainstream. They use the METRIC psychopath what only requirement to preeminence is a predisposition to sado perversion, and they make this clear with every pronouncement of their logo, The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints triptych encrypted 13 and 2, thus:

7 2 3 2 5 3 3 2 2
285 383938 66 15131 389912 66 312259 417 119521
6 7 3 2 5 3 4 3 1= 7

1 logo
9 words
triptych cipher 3

193= 13, which is a secret combination for Solstice/equinox (see notes below). There’s more.

This logo= 9 words, 11 syllables= 911= base nine additive sum 2.

Mountain Meadows was a 911 project, but why this number?

Genesis 6:2
7555191 62
678 62
3 62

This logo is telegraphing 13 (solstice/equinox) and Genesis 6:2 radicalized, which is eugenics SKIRTS black mass kidnapping for torture.

Do they care if the public knows this? No. RAF Mormons are as disposable as the public. When the reader has the correct idea, LDS temples are understood to be Masonic lodges the purpose of which form an elaborately conceived network of international intelligence cells covertly staffed with local Scottish Rite/LDS city and county administrative cohorts and Sabra militants.

As stated previously, LDS is a part of a bifurcated coup on the US, this pseudo religion masquerading preeminent faith the back drop of which is eugenics SKIRTS sentimental black mass breeding with simultaneous penetration on mainstream Christianity the point of which is the destruction of the latter (Mountain Meadows, 1957). Scottish Rite itself was engi9neered to penetrate US administration for the same purpose, the mechanism in common for coercing felony abduction and treason their unified solidarity pledge.


Solstice and equinox in Latin are solstitium and aequinoctium, hence:






Mormon (4)+ Moroni (4)= MORMO (8)

esi_mormon secret combinations


True church, an LDS staple, encrypts 27:

2935 383938
9= 27, 2 and 7, or Genesis 6:2 and 7/Masons

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