Secret Combinations/LDS Leadership and the Number Thirteen

See Bald Eagles/Goff in NOTES.

esi 13 lds

America is truly lost in the wild of the cosmic dust of the inverse hermeneutic. If it’s too difficult to understand, people walk off as if ignoring the problem will make it go away.

There is no humanity without reason, and the pseudo analytic that substitutes for this does not sustain survival against the perverted stealth predator that has made it’s nest in the collective mind of the mainstream deeply embedded in Genesis.

San Bernardino has four very good reasons to be on high alert from it’s own leadership: Gary Evan Baugh, Carey Davis, Mike Ramos and John McMahon. These people are evil beyond the imagination. You don’t get a line up of dracs such as these with absolute identification with Beverly Potts and David O. McKay without the Scottish Rite/LDS eugenics dynamic that brought these monsters into the world in first place.

Police that serve these devils are no less as evil, willing to do their bidding as an asset mercenary service ignorantly FBPO pledged to Scottish Rite/LDS masters they have no clue are among the most evil scoundrels on this planet. Police honor in San Bernardino was lost on the perps that asset serviced John McMahon’s involvement in the Sylvia Marie Flores sacrifice, plain and simple. Not withstanding, how well does McMahon and his local cohort of international terrorists know know Jeffrey Epstein?

Die hard RF/LDS absolutely deny the reality of secret combinations that pervade the Mormo church giving this devil religion it’s public mast and adolescent hood enforcers bearing blade, silencer and skateboards. Not surprisingly, the human race only exists in the zone of life and is terminal. Evil this pervasive would never be permitted to populate the stars. They know this. The mainstream does not making people at large one of the most exploitable ha ha ha pee ness addicted prey species in existence.

LDS line up leadership as obsessively preoccupied with the occult as their bifurcated Freemason twin, Scottish Rite. Of course if you are in the tank with these racketeering and fraudster scoundrels you have nothing to fear until they trigger their disposable community agenda. Their elite periodically eliminate rank and file to remove detection of their crimes, which is the same reason they sacrifice their Eve SKIRTS victims, albeit they will have you believe they are serving some sacred process.

Not believing it? Of course not. A delusional happiness state of mind requires reality detachment. To consider San Bernardino administration is in any way linked to human trafficking and kidnapping for torture would throw the public so chaotic the only reasonable recourse would be to declare this region under marshal law to keep the game going. That level of conscience is absent from this public but will be fully realized when San Bernardino fulfills Mason mission creep as a sanctuary city, people by then too late to stop what they could have prevented a little less willing to fade civics to occult protocol and corrupt leadership herein described.

Rank and file LDS are pathologically reality detached what confrontation with this mental health issue can be addressed with the following FNCS analysis. For the record, solstice/equinox (Latin solstitium/aequinoctium) encrypts 13, this number also used to group LDS leadership thus:

esi lds

Encryption Key Joseph Smith through John Taylor, typical:

Joseph Smith
161578 14928

Brigham Young
2997814 76357

John Taylor
1685 217369

913= base none additive sum 13

If one had to rate civics intelligence in San Bernardino, the numbers would be a negligible statistic. There is no civics intelligence in this region, the All American City laid waste by a predatory METRIC felon culture that has endeared itself to the public on human sacrifice (Sylvia Marie Flores et al), the signature on this horrific practice the LDS three point SLC Flores to the Redlands LDS Temple to Melchizedek controlled Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

Spencer Kimball used the same SLC encryption to telegraph black mass in his 1999 Mountain Meadows commemorative. Making is simple, the only purpose of attributing occult significance to LDS human trafficking SKIRTS kidnapping for torture is destruction of the evidence, which in this case is the kidnap victim. Populations that go along with this insouciant are as mentally deranged as their perp leadership.

There is no social morality in a region under the radical spell of the inverse hermeneutic, and there is no wake up call reaching out to the collective mind of a society that ignores it’s civic responsibility to control it’s predators. Herd animals aren’t subject to conscience. They are subject to exploitation as a prey species.


20 February 2016 Federalsburg,MD, 13 Bald Eagles, 1 Adult, 12 Juveniles
25 February 2016 Richard Goff, Westbrook, Main

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