Sylvia Marie Flores Revisited

21 February 2016 (actual date)

This missive is dedicated to Redlands PD Det. Corey Hunt re 23 January and 18 February 2016.

As the numbers go, the Sylvia Marie Flores commemorative remains incomplete without a tandem sacrifice (Jessica Haslam/Sierra Lamar, Gabriella Calzada/Briana Gallegos).

The numbers tell the story about what team Gary Evan Baugh has in mind for the happy assed idiot culture that populates San Bernardino County.


Flores abduction 25 February 2013= 6
Flores Almond Avenue 26 February 2013= 7

67= 13 (LDS prime)

27 February 2016= 2

13+ 2= 123= Tau (encryption cipher)

27 February the moon will be at 81% waning= 9= 27, or 99= 66= tau/inverse tau.
Tau/inverse tau= Scottish Rite/LDS righteous demon the point of understanding this being they have to kill another victim to come full circle on Sylvia Marie Flores.

In reality this has nothing to do with actual demons and such but rather mystifies the public insouciant so people will avoid understanding what they are doing. They are solidarity pledging via killing innocent young women.

The psychopaths doing this in full view public are Gary Evan Baugh, Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon and ted Alejandre.

Also, 25 February 2013 to 27 February 2016= 3 years 2 days, or 32, also a Scottish Rite signature. Anchored on their having trafficked and sacrificed Sylvia Marie Flores, 27 February 2016 is a very important date for these METRIC mind fucks.

For the record, The Redlands Police Department address of 30 Cajon St, Redlands= 32/Scottish Rite, thus:

30 31165
30 758
3 2
32/Scottish Rite

27 February 2016 cascades 1097 (8) days, or 156 weeks 5 days (87)= 88= 7. The significance of these numbers is the Orion constellation featuring eight primary stars what base nine additive sum triptych encryption is also eight, hence 88, or 7, the origin of the Freemason righteous demon fraternity.  Wikipedia attributes only 7 stars the point of this to avoid providing information that correctly identifies the Orion constellation as the ideological source of bifurcated Freemason entities, Scottish Rite and Mormon (Mormo) church.


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