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Sheriff John McMahon/Attrition Blood Atonement

Incorrectly folded US flag worn on clothing subordinate to an alternative political entity (eight stars decorating collar; Orion//Freemasons)= mercenary. As stated here and here, there are approximately 90 international 247 intelligence cells operating in the US anchored on Mormon temple … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith/George Hodel

This picture is being kited by the Mormon church as an authentic image of Joseph Smith. This is not Joseph Smith. It is a Photoshopped image of George Hodel (c. 1927) dressed in the wardrobe of the period in which … Continue reading

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Bifurcated Communication

EYE WASH Wapo just did an article on national security that describes a CIA tactic for deceiving it’s own workforce using a bifurcated communication process, eye wash. Apparently, senior CIA officials issue internal memos containing false information and use separate … Continue reading

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