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The Use of the Due Bill in Racketeering Human Trafficking

Fraternal brotherhood racketeered human trafficking is not engineered in the same manner one would expect leadership to operate. What the public is used to is someone clearly calling the shots and accountability easily assessed on a line and staff paradigm. … Continue reading

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Mountain Meadows Revisited

All considered in understanding how the Mormo church established itself in the American Mainstream, three details remain tucked out of sight that for lack of discussion bear on this future with shock, if one has a conscience. Figure the psychological … Continue reading

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Human behavior manifests on a psychopath baseline/continuum the six types of which are: victim narcissist charismatic distemper compensated absolute Fraternal Brotherhood of the Snake, Scottish Rite Freemasons and bifurcation cohort Mormo church, have created a seventh beast as it were, … Continue reading

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SkAB/Mormon Church

Europe never ruled the waves; this radical geocolonial continent just supplied loads of sadists with boats to satisfy their taste for blood & lusts for women, children, gold & guns, and the recruitment process hasn’t change much over the past … Continue reading

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Scottish Rite Freemasons/LDS Pirating

Robbery and criminal violence= piracy. Pirates typically approached their prey under a false flag, ambush or stealth triangulated motion. This description, albeit oversimplified, is highly accurate in describing the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church, entities this researcher believes to … Continue reading

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The simplest definition of civics can be found on Wikipedia with a plethora of links to relative content for those who are motivated to study this in depth. Otherwise most people are familiar with the term, people seeking to vet … Continue reading

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Sheriff John McMahon Orchestrated Death Threat: Radical Activism

San Bernardino is undergoing engineered economic deconstruction and is currently in Bankruptcy. Inland Regional Center was staged in order to procure federal funding what money is attached to regulations that will influence local policy in connection with the League of … Continue reading

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