Mormo Zion

esi mormo

Mormo+ Zion= Mormo Zion. Drop the -ion, rotate the Z 270 degrees counter clockwise to make an N and reposition thus: MormoN. Lowercase n= Mormon.

Hecate= companion of Mormo. Another name for Hecate is Artemis. Artemis and Relief Society are both triptych 4, so Hecate= Relief Society.

In these terms Scottish Rite Freemasons have engineered a religion around Mormo and Hecate disguised as Mormon and Relief Society.

These are secret combinations.

LDS acknowledge secret combinations are groups of conspirators who plot and initiate “works of darkness” for evil purposes, that secret combinations have existed since the days of Cain (Moses 5:51) and that Satan is their author (2 Ne. 26:22).

What’s the message to rank and file LDS if this church initiated on encryption the deception of which sets a precedence for occult malingering with Greek mysticism, particularly two deities that were notorious for female vampires and witchcraft?

Not that it matters at this point, but Moroni has an interesting word etiology as well. Moron was a relatively unknown word early 1800 and was used to identify an idiot or retarded person.

They literally made this stuff up, so it follows that Moron would make a good role model for an even lesser fellowship which the writer’s of this fantasy literature consider to be less than retarded, like cattle. Where have we herd this before?

For the uninitiated, readers who possess an imagination and a conscience, connect Hecate to the forbidden fruit in Genesis and you have the correct idea where this is going.

While most of God BLESS America will dismiss this out of mind and continue to enjoy the magic show irreverent of reality, such people do not have immunity from LDS crimes involving SKIRTS rendition and sentimental breeding, attrition blood atonement or even human trafficking.

Mormo Zion masquerades demonic religion principled upon dark arts with obvious subsequent consequences for playing dense for these monsters. If you are indeed stupid, this can’t be fixed, the real and pressing mission creep of this crime syndicate eugenics black mas breeding their coveted Satanic bloodlines and perpetual recruitment and solidarity pledging of sadopaedo/paeder perverts from the mainstream.

If you are faking stupid for the fellowship, get out, because you are being used as a philanthropic character shield for some pretty horrific domestic terrorism crimes for your Melchizedek betters.

The Mitt Romney signature is all over Heaven Night Club in Mexico City typical of Mr. Mormo’s relationship with Thomas Monson as a retention sacrifice service asset, this righteous demon empowered to take lives at will.

Romney isn’t getting away with this because he possesses special spiritual powers of a God man, but because this is how these freak of nature manufactured METRIC schizopsychopaths pledge solidarity in perpetuity in their happiness in a can racketeering activity in human trafficking for torture.

For the record, Elite Mormo marriages are engineered collaborations making this union from hell one of the most durable and endearing felon relationships imaginable.

Worst of the worst, Mormo was invented during the French Revolution concurrent with Scottish Rite Freemasons which have nothing to do with the Scots, the former engineered to penetrate Protestant Christianity, the latter US political infrastructure, the writer and publisher creators of this project guillotined.

In keeping with LDS indoctrination in Mormo/Hecate occult craft, Mitt Romney is a righteous demon pervert. He refers to and acknowledges this as charm offensive and straw man politics. What this is telegraphing to the public is he is diametrically opposed to character while at the same time confirming the public is easily duped by his insanity, and he is insane.

METRIC psychopaths aren’t chosen for their quality personalities. They are selected and groomed for leadership based on a predisposition for schizoid preoccupation with sadism, hence the further they rise on the Mason METRIC, the more fucked up they are psychologically. They fool the public with a perpetual smile.




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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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