Allen Kephart DRAFT

13 May 2013

Allen Kephart (10 May 2011) was an engineered assassination/human sacrifice and MAG linked to commemorative sacrifice, Sylvia Marie Flores (25 February 2013) and possibly a sheriff attempt on the life of mystery victim, Frances Pusok.

San Bernardino administration is gone to the dogs, the insouciant people of this inland county as guilty for these murders as the occult perps they elected to run their Twilight Zone city.

This is a fairly rapid FNCS analysis on Kephart and Flores. Commentary at the end.


10 May 2011 3:15 PM

10 May 2011
> 25- 26 Feb 2013
> 1Y9M15D (7)
657D93W6D (9)
79= 7 (Scottish Rite Masons)

> 1Y9M16D (8)
658D94W0D (5)
85= 4 (13 Mossad)

10 May 2011 (1 Israel)

25 February 2013 (6)
26 February 2013 (7)

1 67= 113 (Israel 1/Mossad 3)

1 Jan
> 25 Feb
> 56D= 11; base nine additive sum for year (365= 5)= 11/3= 113

1 Jan
> 10 May
> 130D= 13; base nine additive sum for year (365= 5)= 13/1= 113




San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department is an international intelligence terrorism cell controlled county administrative office.

Carey Davis, Mike Ramos and John McMahon are also linked to David O. McKay and Beverly Potts (September 1951) via LDS perped SKIRTS black mass eugenics, and they now have their stupid fuck personal commenting crimes involving human trafficking for torture.

Since this triptych administration from Hell was birthed to this future they are clearly psychopaths, the public (eg Kephart, Flores, Novis) and even their own deputies (eg Don DeMeulle) are pledge game.

What this means is San Bernardino administration is doing occult mission creep for Scottish Rite/LDS elite and that Sylvia Marie Flores was targeted as early as May 2011 by occult Intel cell anchored on the Redlands LDS temple.

San Bernardino is Mason/Mormon Hell bound.


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