Robin Williams: The Mormon Church is EVIL EVIL EVIL

esi robin williams

This is worth a mention as genius comedian Robin Williams is being faded from the mainstream allegedly as a psychic rant full of haunts, personal issues with depression and a collection of demons that followed him around and ultimately killed him for some not yet well manufactured rational for suicide.

Williams gave up his life with a risk people would hear his message which they have yet to decrypt not because it’s difficult, but because they lack the subtly of mind (reason) to process this information to understand the monster they are dealing with stateside. Fact is, people are pathologically stupid, and I don’t believe he realized this when he took this step to push humanity forward such as he did with this very powerful little  message he left for people to puzzle over in perpetuity; he knew he would be killed for this.

The Catholic and Mormon churches and Freemasons are in no way threatened by Williams comedy so much as they were really afraid of how this message would unlock these religions and convey to the public what they actually are. Williams put this forward, but it is this researcher’s guess it will be another two thousand years before people understand what he actually did and why he was assassinated.

Robin Williams telegraphed BOTH the Catholic and Mormon churches as “EVIL EVIL EVIL” simultaneous with giving up their triptych code to the public, those who are willing think having access to the most hidden in plain sight coded language on the planet.

Typical of public insouciance, people didn’t intercept his message, because they just aren’t that motivated to save themselves. This encryption is why they (the Catholic and Mormon churches) had him killed.

This code uses a Pythagoras numeric base nine alphabet, thus:

1 ajs
2 bkt
3 clu
4 dmv
5 enw
6 fox
7 gyy
8 hqz
9 ir

There is a secondary code that issues in a 9 digit string for each letter of the alphabet (eg a= 241512487) which is used to convey several encoded messages in a single statement, the audience unaware what is being said to an embedded elite community. For example, using this code, such a statement as, “I ate dog” conveys also the message “I ate children”.

There is no sustained conscience in the mainstream, moralistic people too lazy to think and unwilling to assert themselves against predators that on the flip side of these hellish circumstances the latteer are trained to be consummate con artists. This is what the people want. The Catholic and Mormon churches know this. This is what they are giving them, terrible as it may be.

Here’s the encryption for EVIL and what Robin Williams gave up his life to convey to the public, which in reality now this seems to make no difference, because the people he was trying to reach are beyond help understanding this, the Mormon and Catholic churches doing a smear campaign on his character.




Evil three times= 666. When Robin Williams said the Mormon/Catholic churches were EVIL EVIL EVIL, he was telling people these organizations are indeed the beast referred to in the Bible. BOTH the Catholic church and Freemasons hail from Babylon, the Mormon church a manifestation of these and so thoughtfully perfected in conning the public on their righteous demon charm offensive the fate of America has been handed off to these monsters without so much as a grumble of dissent.


Read about the Mountain Meadows Massacre for your introduction to LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania for your introduction to Freemason macabre. Mormons are Freemasons, and this event set the mark for what they have been doing ever since, the public so enchanted with Mormon rhetoric they have failed to vet this nightmare phony faith for what it really is, an eugenics breeding agenda for the US examples of products of which are many in the pop culture mainstream.

Meanwhile people everywhere are a happiness addicted idiot species the consequence of which is they will be ruled over by predators that know better.

People will undoubtedly read this and laugh and giggle at the little reality bubble this information creates. It’s entertaining to the sentimental mind, which understanding this, Williams may have preserved himself from his fate had he realized people were so lazy. His comedy was radical, and so was his attempt to inform the public.

Bearing in mind what we now understand about San Bernardino administration and Mayor Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon’s relationship to David O McKay and the August 1951 abduction of 10 year old Eve breeder, Beverly Potts, Williams death was not in vain for at least one person out of 300 million that remain obliviously happy with these circumstances.

The fact is there is no catalyst for human conscience like there is for a hedonist culture of eat, fuck party, the psychological stuff that holds this mentality at bay lost on American society, in this writer’s opinion. I am telling anyone who is reading this, you are surrounded by the equivalent of victim psychopaths.

Think. If the Mormon prime directive is priesthood attainment of one’s own planet populated with breeding concubines, what the fuck do you believe Thomas Monson is up to on this planet? Has it yet dawned on anyone that Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner have been thus disposed of like hundreds of his other victims and those of Mormon leadership before him? Don’t know?

Does Major General Harold Greene come to mind in in the conscience of the public in connection with the Mormon church? No, although this was Thomas Monson’s bastard son via SKIRTS black mass, the reason for his death one of atonement for Monson’s refusal to meet with his superiors in the City of London over charges the LDS church is a fraud religion. Monson eventually showed up for his hearing. COLo cleared him. He’s now out fucking some other SKIRTS victim breeding his master race for this planet typical of Mormon preoccupation with paedo sex.

Jody Arias was to have been a SKIRTS victim for Travis Alexander, the latter no doubt proficient in the art and science of abduction and breeding naive Eves who he targeted for partly for their sex appeal, partly for their astrological profile as a potential leadership threat to the Mormon church.

US public is an idiot feeder species. Crypto knows this. The public has no clue.


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