The Golden Plates of Moroni/LDS Sado Fascism

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This narrative jumps rather quickly at a strong Mormo motif less inclined to attempt to persuade the reader than to do an information dump that speaks to the lies this religion perpetuates through the lens of vocational narration.

Convinced the public is simple minded and insouciant to the point of needing this written so elementary it’s nearly impossible to convey such information intelligently composed, this researcher is at a loss to catalyze motivation to comprehend what is being read is real.

Forensic intelligence lack in the collective mind of the public, any attempt to describe criminality in the behavior of a highly regarded psychopath organization such as the Mormo church is both nearly impossible and simultaneously a dangerous proposition.

Nonetheless, this missive makes record of Mormo’s notorious Golden Plates of Moroni and the significance this researcher believes this information bears on conveying to the public the subtler view of LDS elite that people who join this organization are stupid, the rational for this assertion the apparent lack of symbolic reasoning in the affected collective Mormo mind and RF willingness to dismiss reality favorable to the Moroni fantasy bubble.


The Golden Plates of Moroni is an allegorical symbol for the golden plates of the elite, alleged inscription a metaphor for the origin of Mormo literature the location and period of which was the French Revolution, Moroni very simply a pun at the people who are so easily duped into believing this magical religion is real.

In reality, LDS is masquerading faith the backdrop of which is black mass eugenics, a perpetual project through which Mormo elite SKIRT/traffic 3000+ young women and children per year for use in ritual sacrifice (solidarity pledging) and sentimental breeding.

David O. McKay perped Beverly Potts (1951) and is believed to be the father of San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis and two other city administrators in this location. Others similarly predisposed are:

  • Jimmy Fallon is believed to be the black mass son of HB Lee.
  • Pastor Steven Anderson is believed to be the black mass son of Spencer Kimball via abduction victim Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974).
  • Ben Swann is believed to be the black mass son of Ezra Taft Benson.

LDS elite Stalk KIdnap, Rape, Torture and Sacrifice (SKIRTS) their abduction victims to delivery of the fetus at what time such individual is sacrificed moments before giving birth via having her heart cut out while alive.The fetus is thus delivered to a dead mother, the perps alleging this makes soulless and sanitizes the infant.

In reality,  black mass birthing causes fetus/infant brain damage and builds a rational for disposal of witness evidence, the SKIRTS victim.

Thomas Monson/Mitt Romney perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner. Heaven Night Club, Mexico City, was a retention sacrifice for Francis Monson, which is international terrorism.

Mormo elite are stealthy eugenics predators operating entirely at the will of the trust of the public via their notorious righteous demon charm offensive, the public easily duped, because people are by and large unfamiliar with their triptych.

These psychopath predators are protected from discovery and prosecution for their crimes by their bifurcated twin, Scottish Rite Freemason administrators, a relationship with the public correctly described as sado fascism.

Mormo elite are in constant revolutionary mission creep the prevalence of which manifests in missionary recruitment work on the street and the correct definition of which is fascism.

These demons are also sadistic, the prevalence of which is their quasi rational SKIRTS black mass human trafficking campaign which limits aggression to defined structures of kidnapping for torture and retaliation on those who oppose them, hence Mormo’s are sado fascist demons masquerading righteous faith.




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