Sheriff John McMahon Orchestrated Death Threat: Double Bind Ideology

Sheriff John McMahon is a predator. He’s not character driven. He’s not constitution motivated. He’s a Scottish Rite/LDS fraternal METRIC predator.

McMahon is a sapien predator typical of our species albeit because he was bred to this world via an LDS/SKIRTS abduction, he has been groomed from the cradle a priestly disciple of the Brotherhood of the Snake, which in this case is the Mormon church, and he is in occult mission creep to transform San Bernardino county to a colossal drac haunt.

For those who are reading this already convinced this researcher has lost his mind, do consider the a brief narrative explanation as evidence that what is being described in this missive is not only important to this writer, but the public as well.

Britain sponsors annual fox hunts the point of this allegedly for hunting pleasure. It’s difficult enough to imagine a little animal such as this up against a pack of hound dogs and men on horseback bearing down on them the inevitability of which is very similar to feeding live bait to a captive snake. What people do not know is the following:



Fox= kid= human child. No?

human child
83415 38934
312 (also Tau code)

Fox hunting is symbolic for hunting children the later of which is believed to be game used in celebrated occult meetings among Mormon, Scottish Rite. Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove elite, Mayor Carey Davis, DA mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon among these.


Sapien is a psychopath species. ALL people are on the spectrum (victim, narcissist, charismatic, distemper, compensated, absolute), and there’s a fraternal (FRAT) seventh that’s manufactured and claims to be God himself!

FRAT METRIC psychopaths are all six and practice and master same in fulfillment of Judah Brotherhood of the Snake (elite Freemason) mission creep to manufacture radical leadership agreeable to predation necessary to deconstruct and enslave humanity.

METRICS are said to be soulless, because they do not exhibit compassion or empathy for their victims, a state of mind they possess a character deficit and which is cultivated through involvement in fraternal organizations which reward them for their willingness to harm others.

In political terms, what is being described here is Nazi rebellion against intelligence typical of Luciferian bias prohibiting free will, and Sado Nazism which take this up a notch kidnapping for torturer and assassination.

In the case of the METRIC, they learn to do tricks in a cheap magic show using humans and death as part of the act, an example of sado Nazism.

For example, Izzy Ocampo, the Placentia ORION BOWTIE serial killer, who “disappeared” via suicide while awaiting trial in jail. Ocampo was a skillful well exceeding Ted Bundy’s record which is why they recruited him to assassin; he was particularly skillful in the manner in which he skillfully and sadistically dispatched his victims.

People falsely believe that:

1) God will punish, Jesus will save. That’s a victim psychopath,

2) when they figure it out for themselves this will work for EVERYONE, a narcissist psychopaths,

3) charm makes them Godly, charismatic psychopaths,

4) bullying and threat of use of deadly force make them powerful, distemper psychopaths,

5) by adopting the prevarication of their peers is salvation, compensated psychopaths,

6) money is the God of life, and that by controlling this they control life itself, which are ABSOLUTE psychopaths.

Sapien is a FULL SPECTRUM psychopath.

The fraternal METRIC learns and practices all of these the purpose of which is the creation of a political priesthood.

This priesthood is identified with the 27 day period between 23 February and 22 March, or the number set 322 (2/23 and 3/22).

322= Genesis 3:22; 27= 2 for Genesis 6:2 and 7 for the Freemason ORION predator AKA the righteous demon and which has been acknowledged by Mitt Romney as charm offensive.

True to Luciferian neutering of civics and critical thinking in the mainstream, people who lack an imagination can not make these connections, are fear motivated, and will typically default to a charismatic, narcissist and victim mentality (fear psycho-affective) when challenged to think about their circumstances.

Mainstream STUPID thus lofts the idiot mentality that currently plagues the US and in particular San Bernardino county.

Victim through charismatic are VISIBILITY motivated and typically of a mind of chaos and irrationality.

Distemper through absolute are of a mind of a desire for power, are anger motivated with higher intelligence than their affective non-civics counterparts. and will think to prey upon their lessers.

The idiot mainstream is dealing with a political/administrative priesthood what catalyst for deconstruction is the solidarity pledge. Some people confuse this with the honor pledge or oath of office. METRIC Solidarity is human sacrifice involving children and the Child Sacrifice Debauchery Ritual which is the mechanism for coercing elite FRAT loyalty.

Political/administrative FRAT priesthoods proxy Satanic (RADICAL) authority to junior psychopaths on the street which is the ideological role model for the LDS Whistling and Whittling Brigade. Child assassins are never suspected in murder and assassination crimes, and our beloved drac sheriff makes use of these to perp his victims in keeping with the well tooled skill set of the FRAT full spectrum METRIC psychopath.

Another way to figure this is no conscience= no constitution, the next thing to worry about is San Bernardino being slowly transformed into a sanctuary city via it’s involvement with the League of California Cities (CLOCk).

This researcher states with confidence, San Bernardino has the highest concentration of STUPID on the planet, other evidence for this Apple Valley’s Mr. Dingle which is a walking talking model of the knobby phallus of international paedo/philanthropist, Jeffrey Epstein.

There is no end to this, really. Long as the fantasy bubble of who these people are remains intact, the public will remain indifferent to it’s own safety and the long term consequences for ignoring these monsters behaviors.



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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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