Scottish Rite Freemasons/LDS Pirating

esi scab

Robbery and criminal violence= piracy. Pirates typically approached their prey under a false flag, ambush or stealth triangulated motion. This description, albeit oversimplified, is highly accurate in describing the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church, entities this researcher believes to be a one and the same pirating entity flourishing throughout the US today.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre was an act of piracy engineered 27 years in advance and signatured as a Tubal Cain Vulcania via the LDS having flagged their movement Kirtland to Nauvoo to Independence to strike point Mountain Meadows where they pirated a wagon train of Christians sacrificing 120 adults and farming their children and property out to LDS families.

LDS elite still pirate in human trafficking today and are responsible for over three thousand SKIRTS abductions nationally in connection with their immensely secretive black mass breeding activities in perpetuity.

For example, Thomas Monson is responsible for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, these two abductions represented by the back to back bees in the courtyard of the LDS temple build in Rome.

San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon perped Sylvia Marie Flores the official record of this macabre abduction manufactured to make it appear as though an LDS human sacrifice was a crime of passion.

The Holloway/Gardner abductions are fully MAG encrypted telegraphing these horrific crimes to the public LDS elite consider too stupid to either perceive or understand.

As has been stated often by this researcher, LDS bait over the threshold their missionaries charming their way into your home with their wholesome looking and work ethic motivated Aaronic priesthood.

These little demons in the making exhibit the natural and unflinching smile of a snake, wear the colors of the black and white lipped cobra, and bear a presence in tandem the right and left cobra fangs, all by design.

Missionaries are the junior league of the LDS elite Brotherhood of the Snake and earn their reputation as recruitment assets what one of two purposes is the penetration and collapse of Protestant Christianity. In a more challenging relationship dynamic and with advanced skill, some of these learn to perp abductions.

Pirating during the Middle Ages and the period in which the Freemasons were created issued on merchant/privateering articles that modeled a system of ‘joint hands’ agreements between merchants, owners and seamen to share profits. The pirate’s nautical grand cabin moved to the land as a lodge. The pirate’s code was institutionalized in the solidarity pledge. The rest is history.

Freemason land pirates approach their prey under the false flag of any number of noble cause cons, religion for example, raise their SkAB standard on approach via the double bind and indoctrinate their prey as ideological slaves.

The basic definition of piracy is someone who copies or takes without permission. Does it make sense then that a logo identified with such activity should and aught to raise alarm? It doesn’t register on the American conscience in this way.

Likewise, wasn’t the Mountain Meadows such an event as pirating, the mark on this open assault on innocents dismissed by the Mormon church as a mistake and misunderstanding? If these psychopaths are soul marrying your children and women without your permission, aren’t they in reality spiritually pirating your family? Isn’t that a spiritual robbery? Isn’t kidnapping and kidnapping for torture criminal violence?

It is estimated 1% of the population is psychopath. The six million Mormons in the US represent a population what psychopath statistic breaks down to about 20 such individuals per US county. If one breaks this down further, with San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon representing three of these in San Bernardino, this leaves 17 remaining two of which are understood to be Ted Alejandre and Gary Even Baugh.

This leaves an “operations unit” of 15 people in various positions throughout the county to asset service and SKIRT this professional felon cohort’s need for victims. Also, dedicate 1% of San Bernardino’s administrative budget to Freemason/LDS pirating generally, and it’s easy to understand how this administration went bankrupt in the first place. While 1% may not seem like a lot of money, certainly there’s been overhead expenses since their fuck up with Sylvia Marie Flores.

San Bernardino is nonetheless a trend setter in the Inland Empire, although this writer believes most readers who reside there will laugh at the idea. In fact, when people realize this location has been targeted for development as a sanctuary city the laughter will most certainly come to an abrupt halt. Do notice also that when the public architecture of this location begins to crumble, LDS churches and temples will not.

If the reader understands the letters LDS equate to 6 (Alnitak, Rigel, Saiph) via the Mason triptych encryption cipher, know that the same method was use to encrypt Scottish Rite – the number equivalent of which is 4, like cobra, just in this case this number represents the composite base nine additive sum for Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka, the combination of 6 and 4 producing the Star of David in connection with the Orion Constellation.

The Star of David is a pirating logo and is subtly embedded in the LDS ideology via numerology. The closest one will get to understanding this without having top put much thought to it is in a perusal of the following image.

esi 322 2





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