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Human behavior manifests on a psychopath baseline/continuum the six types of which are:


Fraternal Brotherhood of the Snake, Scottish Rite Freemasons and bifurcation cohort Mormo church, have created a seventh beast as it were, the METRIC psychopath, a developmental status issuing through preliminary developmental stages of other such organizations as the Jesuits, KOM, etc.


Present charismatic, a politician will catalyze narcissists and distempers. Present narcissist, they are able to mobilize victims and charismatics. There is two point affinity for each type on the spectrum.

The public naturally follows the same alignment routine albeit unconsciously which gives them the appearance of being stupid.

The METRIC can thus control regional populations with the ease of a Magician such as the US watched Obama’s rise to popularity in 2008, a phenomenon that would easily secure him a third term if the constitution did not prohibit this. The Founders knew and understood this METRIC.

Obama, playing charismatic, unified narcissists and distempers and then magnified medieval on the spectrum strategically transforming himself distemper (drones), compensated (Common core) and ultimately absolute (Isis). Terrorism is the ultimate control lever for the METRIC psychopath, the psychological juxtaposition of which upon the mainstream psyche is control. There is subsequently no escape to the right (narcissist) or left (absolute), people forced into a helplessness mind set over which they have no control.

What is to be understood about this phenomenally adept system is the mainstream clueless and non reasoning, this system the means by which they are contained doubly subdued by narcissist and absolute psychopaths. This is psychological checkmate in the game of freedom and liberty v tyranny, the latter easily containing the former via corrupt lawmakers and a self aggrandizing corporatism.

The reason the US Bill of Rights is so important is the 1st Amendment begets the charismatic, the 2nd the distemper, both of these necessary for throwing off the chains of a despot: however, Americans have so painted themselves into a helplessness corner they are unable to formulate either an opinion of persuasion nor assert themselves forcefully against a predator they have acculturated as philanthropic, an error in both perception and judgement that is costing them dearly.

The public is too willing to feign helpless baiting to whatever debauchery diversion METRICs have engineered to subdue them. Fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment all bait to helplessness, the consequence of which is the equivalent of a hunter’s trap, those unwilling to think the trophy collection of the elite who are trained on this system from the cradle.

The correct understanding is people who are psychologically helpless can own guns, but they are unable to make effective use of them for the purpose which they were intended. In this context, the 2nd Amendment is a control lever giving the boastful bourgeois public a false sense of empowerment that if ever tested against METRIC absolutism will produce one of the grandest genocide events ever imagined.

While a tyrant might find this discussion threatening and provocative, reality is once  subdued, no society thus controlled has ever escaped the destructive force of the BOS. It’s nearly impossible to transform a psychologically helpless person into the hero needed to throw off a tyrant. The elite know this. The public does not, for obvious reasons.

Brilliant as the US Bill of rights may have been, ideology is no substitute for the base survival needs of man. People will satiate eating, reproducing and sleeping, but they will NOT satisfy their ideological survival to save themselves. They can’t. They are helpless, a win/win relationship between them and the handful of METRIC absolutes that control them with fraternal magic.

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