Mountain Meadows Revisited

esi mountain meadows

All considered in understanding how the Mormo church established itself in the American Mainstream, three details remain tucked out of sight that for lack of discussion bear on this future with shock, if one has a conscience.

Figure the psychological alarm of having planned to sit down to discuss the Book of Mormo with LDS missionaries and suddenly realizing these two are affiliated with one of the most dangerous criminals on the planet, Thomas Monson (Natalee Holloway/Robyn Gardner).

Of course LDS elite and their missionary shills can talk their way out of any compromising situation. METRIC psychopaths are trained to do this on the spectrum. They do a little butterfly dance tapping the flowers of human intelligence, one to the next, victim, narcissist, charismatic, distemper, compensated and absolute, and alighting on the one that is responsive to bullshit.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the beast’s involvement in Mountain Meadows, this little snippet from history in no way so easily dismissed by LDS elite psychopaths are good with a con, they are unable to erase the perpetual damage their own Brigham Young did.

1) Church founding 6 April 1830 to Mountain Meadows 7- 11 September 1857 was a 27 year project in the making; the dates 7- 11 September 1887 produce the numbers 6789 and 1, respectively (eg 7 9 1857= 27 years 5 months 1 day= 2751= 6; 6 through 1= 13, thus> 67891= 13); 1= Israel, 3= cobra, 4= Judah,

2) Mountain Meadows= 27; MOUNTAIN MEADOWS 46352195 4514651= 765= 9= 27, and

3) actual dates were 7- 11 September 1857, hence 7- 11= 27.

LDS elite vehemently deny culpability in this horrific event, albeit independent researchers are pointing to Mountain Meadows as an occult engineered event. In particular, notice that in items 1- 3 above, 27= 9= 6 in the occult, hence the signature 666 which bears no manner of mistake or misunderstanding Mormon elite posture when they are caught menacing the public.

In other words, Mountain Meadows served two purposes, the first to commemorate the founding of the LDS church, and second to initiate corporate SKIRTS black mass eugenics. The elite bull in this case would have been Brigham Young.




13, or 4

Mountain Meadows


computations are base nine additive sums

between 120 and 140 men, women and children were killed; 17 children survived

Actual dates were 7- 11 September 1857

11 September 1887 was the 254th day of the year, 111 days remaining. 254= 2, 11= 3, hence 23, or the opposite of 32 (Scottish Rite Freemasons. What this means is the Mormon church is a Scottish Rite affiliate, the former the corporate component of politically invasive post revolutionary Freemasons, or bifurcated Judaism masquerading noble philanthropic and religious entities. While 32 denotes Scottish Rite, 23 is their notorious corporate eugenics enterprise, Atramental Lodge 23 AKA the Mormo church.

Promoted by Brigham Young two days before the attack who attempted to deny involvement afterward via alleged miscommunication.

An ancient Greek day marker was chosen for this event. Sunset 10 September, Alnilam, on the Belt of Orion, was on the Nadir directly over Mountain Meadows.



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