The Use of the Due Bill in Racketeering Human Trafficking

Fraternal brotherhood racketeered human trafficking is not engineered in the same manner one would expect leadership to operate. What the public is used to is someone clearly calling the shots and accountability easily assessed on a line and staff paradigm.

Secret societies make use of secrete methods to get tasks done, the rendition/sacrifice perp never clearly one individual linked to an other that can be traced to the source. Rather solidarity pledging makes it clear no trafficking event will ever be traced back to the person issuing the orders. Otherwise breached, the pledge is broken, and the person responsible is ruined or killed for breaking oath.

The solidarity pledge thus understood, such members of elite brotherhoods are resourced with little to no competitive skill, their wealth bestowed in the same manner that a parent provides for a child, their reciprocal obligation to service whatever due bill issues to provide support for their fraternal society, no holds barred.

A due bill never issues with directives how to carry out some asset assignment but rather identifies the task only, the brother and his subordinates having to rely on his or her own means to fulfill this directive without asking questions, the fraternal administration to run interference on whatever civil resources the targeted individual attempts to use to shield him or herself from an attack.

Bearing in mind Sylvia Marie Flores was stalked from the cradle for abduction, it makes sense that Sheriff John McMahon needed only issue a due bill to his Sabra team to perp, frat identified San Bernardino administration set up to document her abduction/sacrifice using a patsy and a manufactured official investigation to further bury the forensic intelligence of an otherwise insouciant public that is paying absolutely no attention to these circumstances.

If Sabra organize ad hock composed of various labor groups in the community, Flores may have felt reassured by their familiarity and lack of grizzly appearance typical of these raptors and their assets. Examples of such characters would be FedX drivers, various types of delivery persons, Dish satellite Drivers and others like these.

Flores thus got delivered and sacrificed to a small group of individuals inclusive of John McMahon the celebration of which was commemorative on the Redlands LDS temple build (the Flores body drop was key) and likely a new pledge. Meanwhile, McMahon, like Carey Davis and DA Mike Ramos, takes his orders from temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh. It’s quite a bit different than what people perceive to actually be happening.

Theoretically Gary Evan Baugh hosts sacrificial events that follow an LDS occult calendar: however, since there is crossover between temple agenda and sheriff assets via the Beverly Potts Abduction (1951) and malingering with San Bernardino leadership and David O. McKay, a more powerful occult entity is emerging with individual members black mass bloodline and possessing some of the same authority as their mind fuck temple chief, which in this case works in the favor of occult forensic researchers.

None the less, what a fucking mess.

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