Redlands Det Cory Hunt/Redlands ONA

The following information was provided directly to Det Corey Hunt 18 February 2016 in connection with a threatened knife assault at Yum Yum Doughnuts, 514 E Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92373, the evening of 23 January 2016 (cipher 123= Tau code).

esi rpd1esi rpd2.jpgThe reader is looking at a replication of the 2.7 mile Redlands ONA logo what points are identified with five abductions/murders, 32nd degree Freemason Wallace Brownlie, four Mormon properties, one Melchizedek priest public school administrator identified with the Sylvia Marie Flores abduction, SKIRTS black mass and an Oregon airport of unknown significance.

This researcher believes the logo establishes proof of the presence of an international intelligence cell composed of MI6, CIA and Mossad entities anchored on the Redlands LDS temple keyed to Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs and the 2013 Sylvia Marie Flores body drop on Almond Avenue and involves county administrators Mayor Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos, Sheriff John McMahon, COE Ted Alenjandre and two others, all of whom subordinate to Redlands LDS temple administrator Gary Evan Baugh.

Davis minimally is connected to the 1951 abduction of Beverly Potts via David O. McKay and looks just like him arising in the allegation Davis is McKay’s son via Potts as are believed to be John McMahon (looks like Pott’s father) and Mike Ramos (looks like Potts older sister).

If correct, the Redlands ONA is a regional operation encompassing 33 counties on a model that duplicates nationally in connection with every Mormon temple in the US. There are 90 of these temples nationally. Based on crime evidence, the Redlands ONA is staffed with SABRA militants who who perp abductions, murder and mayhem for ONA administrators examples of which ramain Cheri Jo Bates and Sylvia Marie Flores.

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