Mormon Church Founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual

Here there be monsters.

Revisiting Mormon SKIRTS black mass, this came up in connection with the Tribeca Film Festival what dates fall 13- 24 April 2016. 19 April is the first day of the Satanic Fire Ritual (Moloch). This information, like so much other, is beyond belief, to say the least.

3000+ non recovered female abduction victims in the US annually end up in Mormon black mass breeder boxes. On this theme, David O. McKay perped Beverly Potts and produced San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis. Spencer Kimball perped Laurie Lynn Partridge producing Pastor Steven Anderson. Here’s dumb fuck America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

H.B. Lee and Ezra Taft Benson have black mass children as does current LDS president Thomas Monson via abduction victims Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner. These psychopaths are gangland, radical identified with Scottish Rite administration that shields their black mass eugenics activities and posture perpetrator as victim when they get caught. Mitt Romney was responsible for Heaven Night club in Mexico City, a retention sacrifice project for Francis Monson.

Mountain Meadows proved their occult skill at both human sacrifice and Satanic prose/persuasion, this event simultaneously setting a precedence for the Satanic Fire Ritual in the US. The LDS church was founded 6 April 1830 13 days before the first day of this event 19 April the duration of which is also 13 days to May 1, the Druid Fire Festival. LDS use this code, 13 13 to encrypt death threats to those who oppose them.

Without a doubt, Americans have got to be the stupidest animal on the planet, all this going on and they spending their days lovin’ it at McDonalds, doing indiscriminate sex and spending an absolutely huge amount of money on degenerate entertainment making it seem as though the LDS church is indeed the true church for Canaan.

Cheri Jo Bates, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores were all LDS perped SKIRTS kidnappings. Mormon elite allied with Scottish Rite administration have absolutely no regard for constitutional law and have no intention of backing off making use of the public for whatever occult project they have engineered for their personal aggrandizement.

3000+ others are sacrificed curbside annually in keeping with solidarity pledging and maintenance masquerading occult process to mystify and shut up the public. Figure Sheriff San Bernardino John McMahon needs to know about his? He already does and blocked this information on Twitter. Not surprising, McMahon bears a remarkable resemblance to Beverly Potts father.




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