San Bernardino Public Administration Funding Human Sacrifice II, The Targeted Individual

People regard LDS thoroughly committed to their faith. This makes it difficult to vet the Mormon church for corruption. Nonetheless, where there’s a squeak there are parts that don’t quite fit together, this little noise in this case a worthy study in fraternal LDS treachery.

LDS priests use a three point METRIC to coerce membership very similar to to how Freemasons are structured Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite college and esoteric 33rd degree Mason. The later are international Freemasons, and to achieve this status the individual must be willing to assert apex status upon one’s lessers, in particular, one’s own first born child or that of another family also known as the solidarity pledge.

LDS are structured similarly baptism, Aaronic priesthood and Melchizedek with subsequent development involved in herding practices which recycle and reaffirm rank file as tithing slaves the recognition for which is fraternal grooming toward the allegedly heavenly reward of a planet chock full of concubines. Ultimately, Melchizedek become involved in SKIRTS kidnapping for torture such as is the case of public school administrator, Arlan Anderson, at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, California (Sylvia Marie Flores).

In other words, the LDS reform movement baits male preoccupation with sex to a lifetime commitment to possess the souls of as many children and women as they believe will be needed to populate their world in some earth-like celestial nether world. Relief Society Hecates feed this dysfunctional ideology by compelling women to service.

Figure these Satanic Fire Sacrifice Molochs thus regard their elite as recipients of such a planet in this life and you have the correct idea about Thomas Monson. This psychopath God masqueraded married family man to keep him solvent with the public all the while he was a busy demon in his backdrop theater of SKIRTS black mass breeding his soulless bloodlines in this life. His victims would have been any female he wanted to fuck. His wife’s death was resourced with a retention sacrifice of 13 victims from Mexico City, two of these replaced with body doubles, these two reserved and subsequently handed off to Monson for more fucking.

In this system, individuals who learn about and speak against the LDS church are targeted for blood atonement, such prevarication issuing usually in the form of a letter what benign appearance bears the Orion X encryption. This phenomenally constitutionally illegal practice is their way of territorializing the target as a property of their organization, redaction carrying a similar weight as if this individual had redacted the solidarity pledge, and they engage their Manifest via SABRA controlled street felons.

LDS elite are self-identified with the Brotherhood of the Snake (BOS/Mormo, Hecate). Missionary black and white threads are the black and white lipped cobra, tandem presentation the cobra’s left and right fangs. It follows then that like the snake, when they retaliate on a targeted individual, their approach will be to hunt and ambush characteristic of predatory behavior their elite are notorious for. They use children in keeping with the LDS Whistling and Whittling Brigade what adolescent participation produces some pretty macabre kills (Calzada/Gallegos 2015).

Networked with Sheriff and police, targeted individuals are denied protection of the law. They are held accountable as perpetrators when defending against assault, and in today’s policing milieu can be summarily executed curbside by police with no accountability to the rule of law. This has become a fairly narrow process with police now empowered to perform the function of a street felon via feelings of fear threat assessment.

Targeted individuals are also trafficked, family in such circumstances, easily preyed upon by Scottish Rite/LDS administrations and their lackey assets what through manufactured official records and such disrupt family unity via their notorious radical sabotage campaign facilitated by Sabra where a street kill is ill advised. Where there can be no error in killing a targeted individual, Sabra perform this roll as skillful assassins their presence never suspected as they occupy various service jobs that can put them anywhere to perform such a task.

What’s important to understand is the target is hunted like an animal and ambushed likewise, escape impossible once under their control, the victim finding him or her self being transported in full view of the public in a UPS or FedX delivery truck, for example, which is how they got Sylvia Marie Flores. Fed X and UPS regularly park at our location on a timed METRIC which always produces base nine additive sum 13.

Imagine you are a victim surrounded by people you believe are witnessing an abduction crime you assume will get reported when in fact all of these individuals are Sabra working abduction mission creep. The coils of the snake tighten. You are drugged and carried off to a remote location and sacrificed by individuals who names populate public administration.

Laugh and giggle as the reader may, the Mormon church was christened on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated via Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain Vulcania. These are facts about the LDS church that are confirmed by reality using their triptych code to telegraph these horrific crimes to an otherwise low info public.

Every timer they get caught they wiggle free via their mistake and misunderstanding thesis backed up by an administration that is likewise populated with their Scottish Rite cohorts, and they are convincing to a public that is itself preoccupied with eating, fucking and entertaining itself into oblivion.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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