San Bernardino Public Administration Funding Human Sacrifice I, Radical Manifest/Ritual Systems

This is a draft of the rendition method used by high priest black mass practitioner, Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay, Beverly Potts) and his public administration team to perp Sylvia Marie Flores commemorative on the Redlands temple open house date of 9 August through 6 September 2003.


A manifest generally refers to a list of a ship’s cargo made for the use by officials at ports of destination. In this case, for clarification, the Scottish Rite/LDS, an ideological ship of sorts, Radical Manifest puts forward the process through which these fraternal organizations leash the public by attacking people who would otherwise oppose them. This manifest is also a function of deconstruction of intelligence both organizations loathe due to the challenge this represents to their mutual desire to manipulate and coerce political and domestic infrastructures.

Reverse Hierarchy

ONA Identified LDS Administration
Multinational Intelligence/Terrorism Cell
Scottish Rite State Administration
Obsidian Analysis

The Application

1) Obsidian Analysis services the blue printing need for structured assault on a targeted individual or group described by Scottish Rite/LDS elite,

2) Scottish Rite networks national, regional and local projects via intel cell composed of MI6, CIA and Mossad personnel, such individuals in service jobs throughout host communities,

3) Intel cell administrations coordinate assets in the approximately 33 counties they service, meaning Gary Even Baugh is actually the alpha for surrounding Sheriff’s departments via Scottish Rite and LDS linked FBPO and union organizations,

4) temple administration in the host county is composed of seven public administration leaders, in San Bernardino these people are the Mayor, DA, Sheriff, Newspaper, COE, Police and Businessman’s association, all likewise networked with Scottish Rite and LDS elite via frat associations,

5) SABRA employed as service workers network with street gangs and perp the blueprint, and

6) gangs and felons resource the need for patsies.

Obsidian Analysis is the same organization that set up Inland Regional Center December 2015.

The use of the SRLDS Radical Manifest was demonstrated in the abduction/sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores in connection with the Redlands LDS temple open house date and was a demonstrated MAG encryption solidarity performance standard producing a commemorate human sacrifice for San Bernardino’s pseudo God men.

Sylvia Marie Flores was perped 25 February 2013 40 days (13) from Bill Clinton’s appearance at Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Flores’ abduction also fell 5 months 17 days (13) from Clinton cohort Jeff Epstein’s appearance in Redlands 8 September 2012. This is the double 13 associated with the founding of the Mormon church in connection with the Satanic Fire Ritual.

Flores body was subsequently dropped on a four point straight line cartographic with the Redlands LDS temple, Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs and the location of their second planned victim.

13 is Mormon identification with Judah (4), Israel (1) and Cobra (3) AKA Brotherhood of the Snake. 13 is further confirmed by the height of the statue of Moroni atop the Redlands LDS temple and this effigy’s position 130 degrees (13) from due north, again the double 13 in  founding of the LDS church in connection with the Satanic Fire Ritual. Also, the physical address of the combination at 1761 5th Ave. (11) and 350 S. Wabash Ave., numbers crossover 5th Ave. with 350 S. Wabash Ave.= 535= 13.


This encryption and the number 13 prevailed on the church founding in connection with the Satanic Fire Ritual of 19 April, thus:

6 April 1830
> 19 April 1830 (first day of the Satanic Fire Ritual/Moloch)
> 13 days

The Satanic Fire Ritual is 13 days, hence the LDS double 13. This code was used by a Melchizedek priest to threaten this researcher encrypted in a friendly letter what appearance was otherwise mundane (see notes below). This letter anchored the first 13 on the abduction/sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores before this researcher knew who she was and the date of the letter, 11 September 2013. The second 13 fell on 31 October (50 days, or 7 weeks 1 day from 11 September= 13) the date this individual commenced his harassment campaign in retaliation for this researcher having accused Thomas Monson of perping Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.

This encryption and the number 13 prevailed on the church founding in connection with the Mountain Meadows Massacre AKA Tubal Cain Vulcania, thus:

6 April 1830
> 7- 11 September 1857
> 27Y 5M 1D+ 2 through 5
> 13

The Second 13 occurs encrypted in the dates 7 September 1887 (16 weeks 3 days= 1) and 11 September 1857 (15 weeks 6 days= 3), hence 1 and 3, or 13 for the LDS double 13 commemorating .

Alternative to what local media is publishing as the official report, Flores, 23 when she was kidnapped (LDS Atramental Lodge 23) and making her birth date sometime in 1990, was SKIRTS kidnapped and sacrificed by team McMahon. This researcher believes she was identified for this purpose at birth and followed through the education system and groomed to this future as a temple sacrifice while this particular building was being designed.

Flores abduction and sacrifice was set for a remote date in order not to call attention to what they were doing which is why it was so important to have McMahon in office even if they had to appoint him to make this so. McMahon, like Davis, was bred from the union of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts (kidnapped 1951). McMahon may also have initiated with the Redlands ONA as the asset on the 1986 Corinna Novis retention sacrifice.

People typically respond this information dismissive of LDS influence upon them singularly what absence of civil intelligence maintains them as vulnerable to predation as was Corinna Novice and Sylvia Marie Flores. Like brother Jimmy Savile, Scottish Rite and LDS elite consider themselves animals, and they absolutely have been and will continue to eat anyone who opposes them. This is the reason the controversy over the disappearance of JFK’s body after he was assassinated.

They used a doppelganger as JFK’s burial double, his skull ending up in a Mason meditation room, his body cooked and eaten by Scottish Rite and LDS elite who had him killed, because this is what they do. The Redlands ONA is laid out on Kennedy’s assassination.

Worst still, taxpayer money is funding human sacrifice in San Bernardino County, the people involved in these circumstances every one a Scottish Rite or LDS affiliate, San Bernardino residents among the most unbelievably insouciant population in this region. Pathological laziness does not begin to describe San Bernardino’s 1.5 million population, the proof of this how elected officials are slithering onto office on twenty thousand votes.


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