The RF/LDS Reality Check

esi lds pirate header

See explanation for logo encryption at the end of this missive.

The Mormon church is thus far understood to be a manifestation of bifurcated Judaism partnered with Scottish Rite and masquerading eugenics black mass as noble faith; and of course Scottish Rite Freemasons are masquerading political radicalism as noble fraternal organization. Between the two of them, they have put some of the dirtiest people imaginable in leadership while simultaneously deconstructing intelligence and the status quo constitutional mainstream.

LDS is doing to mainstream Protestant Christianity what Scottish Rite is doing to US political infrastructure. Constitutional leadership in both domains has been replaced with radical priests and politicians what solidarity mission creep is occult secularization, Americans in the wings awaiting God’s punishment on their transgressors and Jesus’ salvation while they continue to eat, fuck and party around the clock.

For the uninitiated, because LDS and Scottish Rite are affiliated with UK frats involving Jimmy Savile, they follow the UK solidarity code in which they pledge to prey on other human beings as a lower species, and their elite prove their worthiness by torturing, raping, sacrificing and eating an infant or child. This is Thomas Monson, RF/LDS about as mindless as a petri dish overflowing with bacteria with their scripted rhetoric that theirs is the true church to the exclusion of all others.

At this point, one can fairly accurately characterized the LDS mainstream as a herd of dumb fucks, even their alleged leader so caught up in the hocus pocus of Mormoism they haven’t noticed their elite have substituted a 1927 photo-shopped image of George Hodel for the “prophet”. Those who have noticed aren’t saying anything.

The LDS church code has been broken. Mormon= Mormo, Relief Society Hecate, this church from hell founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated on the Mountain Meadows Massacre Tubal Cain Vulcania, every LDS president since Brigham Young having taken a personal harem of child sex slaves from the mainstream which were breed black mass, their reward for their part in the slow destruction of American Society.

The 13 foot statue of Moroni atop the Redlands LDS temple is set at 130 degrees rotation from due north, 13 and 13 encryption for both the founding of this church on the Satanic Fire Ritual and and celebration of same via Mountain Meadows. They use this same code to threaten retaliation on their enemies.

LDS use a triptych cipher to encrypt their satanic agenda examples of which can be read below.



7/Masons, LDS elite

7/Masons, LDS Elite



Those bold enough to confront their devil men head on,  check with 33rd degree SB227 child sacrifice perp – Scottish Rite Freemason – Jerry Brown. Brown’s SB227 was his response to my having asked him to resign for his involvement in child sacrifice rituals celebrated throughout the  year not so much as they are believed to invoke occult powers, but to solidarity pledge new elite membership.


The LDS church was commemorated on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated on the LDS Mountain Meadows Massacre AKA Tubal Cain Vulcania.

Computations are base nine additive sums+ LDS triptych encryption.

The title of this missive encrypts the obvious LDS elite will argue is a mistake and misunderstanding. Much as reality is looking back at you, many bone headed RF/LDS will confirm agreement with the error thesis.

Secondary encryption telegraphs SAB the meaning of which is radical activism and the first three letters of the word SABRA. Ra= Egyptian sun God the meaning of which is the sacrifice of adult male leadership (bulls) via sabotage (eg JFK), albeit Sabra is also identified with Jew militancy; this was also the signature on the Cheri Jo Bates and Sylvia Marie Flores slayings, hence Sabra involvement with Mormo elite  as a US rendition  asset subordinate to multinational intelligence/terrorism cells anchored on LDS temples.


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