1313/Skull And Bones Orion Encryption Key

esi skull and bones

Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church are pirating operations and have hijacked American religious and political infrastructures in collusion with Skull and Bones the purpose of which is domestic acculturation to what originated as triptych Judaism via Essenes.

Developmental etiology was Essene, Gnostic, Magic, Templar, Islamic society, Rosecrans, Jesuits, Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon box breeders.

Observe the two eye sockets in the skull representing letters OO what numeric equivalent= 66 (Pythagoras base nine alphabet). The femurs represent the number 77. 67 and 67= double 13 which is featured in the founding of the Mormon church in connection with the Satanic Fire Ritual. Skull and Bones was founded 1832, two years after the Mormon church, 25 (7) years before Mountain Meadows, hence the Freemason constant 27 which stands for Genesis 6:2 radicalized and the Mason 7 which is the Orion constant.

Skull and Bones initiated Scottish Rite Freemasonry into US political infrastructure collaborated with the Mormon church. Scottish Rite and LDS are the same entity and hail to the Essenes with subsequent developmental epochs culminating in the Mormon church. LDS literature was published before 1800 and passed off to the American public in an LDS magic show. Stupid loves magic!

The dark side of the LDS church is encrypted Skull and Bones mission creep, the faith completely made up and composed partly of symbols manufactured from the names of the stars in the Orion constellation.

LDS elite function bifurcated with Scottish Rite Freemasons, the latter strongly identified with administration what purpose is shielding LDS prevarication with kidnapping for torture, female victims used for breeding LDS breeder box black mass bloodlines at a rate of 50 surviving female victims of the 6000 they kidnapped annually in the US, virtually all such victims sacrificed to destroy witness evidence, a small sampling of examples of which were Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013).

The Mormon church is encrypted in Skull and Bones the reason for this to telegraph the pirating dynamic if this church from hell. Figure out their encryption, they blow this off as a mistake and misunderstanding and retaliate via magnifying medieval via their Scottish Rite owned administration and Radical Manifest.



2 (2x= 22)



Skull and Bones


saboteur elite
loft to preeminence after sacrifice
hybrid cloning 13th letter Greek alphabet, 50

solidarity pledge
hybrid breeding 50 SKIRTS abduction victims, Tubal Cain

Preoccupation with 13= nu, 13th letter of the Greek alphabet, doubles as Tubal Cain (devil) logo.

Double 13 encrypts /Judah Cobra Israel/.

The Mormon church was founded on the Satanic Fire Sacrifice identified with their notorious double 13 and likewise celebrated on the Mountain Meadows Massacre using the same code, the latter culminating their movement Kirkland to Salt Lake City and formation of their 1700 mile Tubal Cain lightening bolt (dot to dot Kirtland, Nauvoo, Independence, Mountain Meadows).

The LDS church is a Judah construct the design of which is the righteous demon characteristic of bifurcated Judaism’s Torah and Talmud.

Judah, like LDS elite, consider the mainstream stupid the reason for this people’s lack of solidarity. Canaan, or debauchery generally, programs the mind extrinsic, self aggrandizing and unable to internalize survival.

The LDS corporate logo is composed of 9 words, 11 syllables:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (9)

The Church of Je sus Christ of Lat ter day Saints (11).

11 September to 9 November= 58 days (13), 911 blueprinted events thus identified also with the Satanic Fire Ritual.

19 April SFR
> 11 September

> 145D, or 20W 5D
> 14525
> 8

> 1Y 5M 2D
> 152
> 8

These numbers are unaffected by leap year.


11 September
> 19 April SFR

> 221D, or 31W 4D
> 221314
> 13, or 4= Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka (see NOTES)

> 7M 8D
> 78
> 6= Alnitak, Rigel, Saiph (see NOTES)

11 September is a function of the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual which confirms solidarity between Scottish Rite (state and federal administrations) and LDS elite that includes domestic terrorism perpetrated by LDS SABRA militants.

Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church are pirating operations and hijacked American religious and political Infrastructures.

Insouciance having been programmed into the American psyche via indulgence in fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment has effected people’s ability to respond self protective from the beast.

666= 9= 27= Genesis 6:2 radicalized and the Orion constant, 7. Robin Williams correctly identified the Mormon church as the beast.


The Skull and Bones logo is an Orion encryption key.

esi orion g





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