Det Corey Hunt II

@Redlands PD, Det. Corey Hunt

Re 23 February knife incident at Yum Yum doughnuts on Redlands Avenue: the perp is very likely affiliated with the Redlands Theater troupe.


You and I met 18 February re 23 January threatened knife assault at the Yum Yum doughnuts on Redlands Avenue. I gave you a copy of the Redlands ONA geocartographic, page one of two. I described the perp as a male early to mid 20s with an unnaturally light complexion as though he was wearing white [theatrical] makeup. You showed me a page bearing eight possible suspects, the one I identified not who you suspected perped this crime.

On the Sylvia Marie Flores diagram I provided you a copy of, I pointed out a four point STRAIGHT LINE CARTOGRAPHIC (SLC) aligning Flores Body drop with a second victim which I did not discuss, the LDS temple on 5th/Wabash in Redlands, and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. You stated that you had her file. I explained that I believe the threatened knife assault was retaliatory for my research and documentation of LDS involvement in local and regional mayhem and domestic terrorism.

The significance of the SLC is Mormon MAG encryption identified with Salt Lake City, also SLC. (Amended 13 April 2016)

Finchy is identified with Bill Clinton’s appearance there 16 January 2013, Clinton cohort pedophile Jeffrey Epstein having made an appearance in Redlands early September 2012. I worked with Finchy principle, Arlan Anderson, when he principled at Lankershim Elementary School in San Bernardino 1988- 89.

In 1988, Arlan Anderson attempted to use my certificated teaching position to traffic two African American students to alternative education to obtain federal funding via fraud. My job, according to this fraud, racketeering and human trafficking administrator, was to complete a year of documentation on these two 6th grade children as unruly making the District’s need for three years of behavior problems, 4th- 6th grade, to force a placement in alternative education via San Bernardino’s corrupt juvenile court system.

My reward for this crime was to have been recommended to San Bernardino Unified School District’s administrative training program. I refused to do this and subsequently left this district on a negotiated resignation end of the school year inclusive of a sexual harassment settlement in my favor. Concurrent with pressure from this administrator to violate the civil rights of these children, his VP attempted to seduce a relationship with me to effect my character and willingness to be coerced to perpetrate a crime in a public school setting. I had no idea Anderson was linked to Flores at the time I began my research on her kidnapping late 2013.


This missive conveys to the reader occult process was used on the Flores abduction/sacrifice, my documentation of this horrific event having provoked local Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS to step up their retaliation campaign to attempt to silence my documentation of Thomas Monson’s involvement in the Holloway/Gardner abductions. This missive further clarifies why LDS use the SLC telegraph.

The Scottish Rite and Mormon church movement in the US is linked Yale’s Skull And Bones, their 322 logo the encryption key for the triptych cipher LDS use to telegraph their domestic terrorism crimes to their elite.



SABRA (Sabateur God; unique from and predating Israeli Sabra)

LDS- Later Day Saints

KLONE- Genesis 6:2 radicalized, SKIRTS abductions; human hybrid breeding via kidnapping and black mass birthing LDS Satanic bloodlines

NU- 13th letter of the Greek alphabet, 50 and a graphic that resembles the lightening bolt akin to the LDS Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain which 5 inverted= 2, hence 52= 7= Freemasons

322 DECRYPTED (Pythagoras base nine alphabet and additive sums)


FEMUR (left leaning)

FEMUR (right leaning)

322 confirms the encryption code. Left and right leaning femurs represent the political spectrum.


Mormon elite use ley lines and cartography and such as a part of their MAG encryption telegraph which is used in engineered kidnapping for torture (Short, Bates, Partridge, Novis, Flores ANAI), the Straight Line Cartographic used to commemorate Salt Lake City (SLC).

Riverside LDS elite are cartographically identified with the Laurie Lynn Partridge abduction in Spokane (1974/Spencer Kimball) same as Thomas Monson is linked to the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions in Aruba. Cherry Jo Bates and Corinna Novis were likewise Redlands ONA/LDS controlled perped slayings.

ONA administration use a radical manifest which networks Sabra controlled street gangs and felons with blueprinted abductions in 33 California counties hosted by the Redlands LDS temple. This application repeats for every LDS temple nationally. This was the motivation of the 23 January knife perp.

Consider that Jack that Jack the Ripper was elite Freemason Lewis Carroll (children’s literature), that Mary Ann Nichols was a curbside black mass rendition, and that TE Lawrence, Carrol’s son, was also Nichols fetus falsely documented born two weeks before her death, and you have the correct idea about how this works. Carrol was poisoned by another Elite Mason after it was learned he was SKIRTS stalking this individual’s young daughter.

For your information, the Mormon Church was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated on Mountain Meadows the proof of which is their use of the 322 Skull and Bones encryption key, ley lines and cartography to telegraph their crimes to their fellow elite. Ezra Taft Benson telegraphed black mass at his 1999 Mountain Meadows commemorative linking his SLC to Montserrat (Black Madonna). The Black Madonna is the black mass in which the mother is sacrificed during the delivery of her fetus.

Black mass is less invocation of the birth of a soulless infant than a form of solidarity pledge among the insane people that perp these horrific crimes, people like Thomas Monson, for example, and every LDS president before him.

You are probably not aware of this, but notorious Freemason paedophile, Jimmy Savile, is quoted as saying, “I am an animal. I will eat you if I have to.” This remark is the attitude of Freemason elite, they of the belief that all who are not elite are a prey species. Giggling and laughter dismissive of predator prose is the mark of same in my opinion.

Regarding the individual bearing a knife 23 January, his movement – after his stealthy point of contact – was circular around my parked car and the doughnut store, and beyond this a straight line into an adjacent crosswalk forming a lower case d (Pythagoras 4, or 13) which doubles as a 9, or 27 (Genesis 6:2, Masons). This individual stopped, turned and raised his knife 40 yards (13) from where I parked my car in the parking lot at the doughnut store. The makeup was theatrical pointing to an engineered threat of deadly assault.

I have no doubt this incident was snuff documented, the makeup meant also to heighten this individual’s visibility for camera and psychologically affect my perception and magnify the surreal appearance of perp. That’s Hollywood, and worst still, it’s the Redlands Theater troupe in connection with Jeff Epstein, which I bet you will find this individual through that entity.

Otherwise, such an appearance would be the same effect as if a gang bearing white make up assaulted one of your PD, the victim made hesitant by the weird appearance of his assailants. Sabra are Saboteur Gods and have perfected the hunt and pounce which is how Scott Jones took out Jeff Mitchell, regardless of crap they published after the fact to make Mitchell appear as though he was a criminal sheriff.

Sacramento Dep Danny Oliver and POP partner Det Briton threatened to shoot me for sharing this information via their online reporting system. Oliver is dead.

As I said at our meeting 23 February, I am being stalked with LDS having set a residential raptor directly overhead for attrition blood atonement. This is what they do to punish those who oppose and inform on their crimes, police networked with this church form hell via their FBPO, San Bernardino sheriff sheriff providing a shield for Sabra and their felon/gangland perps.

I now legally carry a K-BAR sheath knife.

es rpd corey hunt1es rpd corey hunt2


11 April 2016 10:45 AM Confrontation with asset provocateur with a face out of the Twilight Zone. 6:30 PM Email to SBCSD Public Relations/John McMahon.

11 April 2016 4:59 PM Team McMahon asset sent a porn shot of an adult tattoo bearing African American woman to my cell phone from the Nevada telephone number 702 882 9516. UPDATE Female of this incident made an appearance at a LAF 13 April 2016 wearing orange Nike athletic shoes and was accompanied by a Hispanic male adult wearing a Nevada athletic shirt bearing the letters XXX (666). This individual glared at me while I did my workout on the curl machine. Female tattoo on right shoulder matched that of woman that sent image of herself standing in a restroom partially nude fondling her genitalia. Same face. Appeared to be the same height. Adult Anglo Goliath intercept where Macy and I exited the building.

13 April 2016 1545 Athletic plain clothes police officer /detective wearing a red short sleeve sports shirt entered DMV on my heal and stood near one of the service counters near the front door doing something on his cell phone faking private business. The security guard avoided him, this stupid fuck looking for my K-BAR and the opportunity to pull one of their curbside summary executions. @dumbfuck, I don’t wear my K-BAR in public owned and operated buildings like DMV, public schools, banks, court houses, post offices, etc., you eager to provoke Satanic FBPO son of a bitch. Go stalk some 1o year old and grab a trophy for John McMahon/Col Russel Williams brotherhood, you evil low IQ/low info piece of shit; We were followed into, through and out of Target by a woman bearing a neck tattoo. Service vehicle parked next to my car in Target parking lot angular, typical. Another female made an appearance oblique from out of nowhere without packages and entered her car as I was starting to back out of our parking space. Angular parking= stalker solidarity and facilitates perp evasion after a hit. FUCK John McMahon and his Harry Reid/Mitt Romney Mormo rendition assets. San Bernardino has a reputation for being a creepy administration since 2008, and this is the reason for it.

Will Hell bound Scottish Rite/LDS team Satan John McMahon back off? Not likely. He’s got county funds to exploit, the insouciant San Bernardino public headed for one hell of a battle that looks sort of like this:

[ ] harassment in production of human trafficking
[ ] transnational organized trafficking in abeyance of protocols to prevent
[ ] kidnapping for torture
[ ] racketeered kidnapping for torture
[ ] perpetual administrative stalking, a 14th amendment violation
[ ] false imprisonment
[ ] intentional infliction of emotional duress
[ ] damages
[ ] jury demand

Figure Sheriff John McMahon and team San Bernardino Administration violate every law on the books when they abduct and sacrifice young women (Corinna Novice, Sylvia Marie Flores) shielded from accountability by Scottish Rite/LDS local and national frat administration brother-hoods.

In their collective psychopath mind, like frat brother Jimmy Savile, they are FBPO animals and they will eat anyone they have to to promote their own survival, which has nothing to do with the constitution but has everything to do with radical and sado-perverted policing.

San Bernardino population on this? LOL Kewl OMG LMAO and EAT FUCK PARTY, baby! If it’s not popping their fantasy bubble, screw the county sponsored kidnapping victims! These folks too eat to survive, just they are a little lower on the McMahon food chain.





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