Beverly Potts (1951) Family Reunion (2016)


This isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense to people who spend their days in a Momoro fantasy bubble, talking the rhetoric of LDS Satanic prose, or doing feel good testimonials to reinforce solidarity among the naive rank and file who populate this manufactured religion.

This will reach out to anyone who has spent an hour online and learned that the Book of Momoro was not written by Joseph Smith, nor was it inspired by some mythical angel to compel mankind to repent in the last days of this planet and it’s inhabitants.

If not a religion, then what? There’s plenty of explanation for the alternative, but to understand this, the reader must be willing to perceive the LDS church was created with the explicit purpose of hybrid box breeding humans using captive females obtained from the public at will by Momoro elite via SKIRTS rendition AKA Genesis 6:2 radicalized masquerading noble faith, one example of thousands of which appears below.

Using MAG triptych encryption, Genesis 6:2= 2, (Scottish Rite) Freemasons, 7, hence 27, a number coveted by Sheriff John McMahon. 7 is the Triptych derivative of the eight primary stars of Orion.

For clarification, two things to know:

1) Momoro= Antoine Francoise Momoro, French Recolution book printer and owner of the the publisher’s first copy of the Book of Mormon, probably destroyed after being duplicated by Opium addicted Joseph Smith.

2) Genesis 6:2 is core SOP, Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS Elite directly responsible for 6000 (six thousand) SKIRTS kidnappings annually in the US, or two per county for use in breeding and for solidarity pledging human sacrifice.


1951 then ten year old Beverly Potts was kidnapped by Mormon felony assets and bred to then 80 year old Mormon president, David O. McKay, eventually producing current San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis.

By all indications, Davis appears to be DNA related to Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos under similar circumstances. They may be brothers, Davis naturally born, McMahon and Ramos cloned.

Correction to image below, second row, BEVERLY POTTS/JOHN MCMAHON FAMILY REUNION PICTURES, notes at end of image should read: Beverly Potts Father, Robert Potts, and Sheriff John McMahon.

For the record, Marbella Condomeniums in Mentone is crawling with county rendition assets, these scoundrels completely shielded by Freemason and LDS elite.
esi beverly potts family reunion

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